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Patricia Martin
February 2004
France HARP president


Café HARP is a weekly meeting on Fridays with 2 main goals:

- Offer an opportunity to connect with God and have vertical guidance for daily life.

- Meet the other BCs and deepen relationships together (through the debates).

Here are a few of the topics we discussed. Usually we have around 15-20 participants. In one of the meetings the topic was: "How can we have an attitude of Chong Song for TP?" Haluko introduced us the topic with few questions and we made 4 teams to debate. Then, she helped us to understand clearly what Chong Song is and how can we practice it every day. It was a good topic especially to unite with Pres. Song and our motto this year.

End of October A. P. had just come back from the STF Europe Kick-off WS, so she was quite inspired! She talked about the Core Values. We separated in 4 groups for each value and found ideas how to put them in practice. It was very lovely; some did a skit or a story or just gave interesting examples.

This month we invited elder sisters from CARP. It was great! We first discussed about snacks! Then Diane Chaillié spoke and said that even from a moral point of view she would choose to stay pure and she talked about matching and how to prepare for our future partner and family. Afterward we had a discussion in 3 groups.

Prayer Night

We also had our monthly prayer night in the CARP house. Our prayer points were: Unification of Korea and the Victory of the Peace Ambassadors and the IIPC. First we had a 7 minutes prayer (reflections of the month and repentance). Then Tirzi Martin gave a very deep testimony on her 120 days with True Parents and her experiences in Nagoya. "It was as if I was put in the Kingdom of Heaven and I could see myself, actually I really felt that our heart and attitude is even more important than the accomplishment of our action itself. Of course both is the best but if we hurt people's heart in the same time then how much value does our accomplishment have?" "True Father is so serious in His mission." We listened to the new Holy songs and "Amazing Grace"! Then we had another 12 minute Prayer and Hoon Dok Hwe reading about the unification of Korea. We closed the prayer night with Ong-man-sae!!! After the Family Pledge we had a nice breakfast and then we went to the National Service in Chamarande.

Many greetings from France

Patricia Martin, France HARP president

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