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The Pure Love Movement in Korea

Unofficial Notes: Robin Marsh
November 20, 1998
International Leader's Conference at the University of Bridgeport

Our years motto is to remove people from Satan's lineage. Children can take holy wine candy to change their blood lineage. We decided to try to give Holy Wine Candy to students. Now we have given Holy Wine Candy to 8.3 million students in Korean Primary and Secondary schools. We did a ceremony to declare purity in schools and at the same time gave out candy to the students. We gave lectures throughout the whole country.

At first the Korean Pure Love Movement Headquarters sent out letters to schools throughout the whole country. There was absolutely no response. Then they called the schools but they did not know who the organization was. Then the Pure Love Movement staff went to the Ministry for Education to ask them for help. They went to education department in Seoul. It took a long time to persuade the President of the Education Department. But he sent a public letter to all the schools telling them to invite the Pure Love Movement to speak to your school.

There were two possible ways to do this.

(1) To have all students in the school ground at the same time but you have a limited time.

At first we tried this. I spoke for 30 minutes. I emphasized that purity as a word has almost disappeared. The older generation has become corrupted so the children say if the older generation can't keep purity why tell us to be pure?

The symbol of purity in Korea is the silver dagger. A woman was supposed to carry this around with her and even take her own life with this dagger before losing their purity. I would explain why they should eat pure love candy. I explained that they are making a Pledge to heaven to keep purity or to make a new start for those who have lost their purity already.

Every student has to raise their hands and Pledge to keep

1) purity until marriage
2) fidelity in marriage
3) filial piety to parents
4) no smoking and drinking

We made a simple talk based on the Principle of Creation, the Fall of Man and the Ideal of Marriage.

2) The second method was to teach the Principals and Teachers to educate their pupils. For this we could use multimedia facilities.

3) Speak through a broadcasting speakers to each of the classrooms simultaneously.

Now we do not give lectures but just leave the materials at the schools and the Principals and teachers do the presentations. We have given materials to 2750 schools now. There was a big battle with Satan. The Christian schools invited us first but they quickly realized who was behind the Purity Movement when they heard part of the Fall of Man lecture. The Christian schools contacted each other and began a systematic opposition.

There were magazine reports and a radio station for one week was focusing on this campaign. The Kuk Min Ilbo (a Christian Newspaper) covered a conference of schools at first very well but then when they found out about the Unification Church connection they opposed it. 339 schools absolutely refused to receive the Purity Movement Presentations. However, we went to some school's Principal and got permission to stand at the gate of the school and give out candy and pledge cards.

The parents liked the pledge cards given out.

There were many who felt it was necessary for the country. Two or more Television companies covered this in prime time news. Newspapers also covered this issue. There has never been a full scale national morality campaign. 15 newspaper companies covered this campaign about 25 times in all.

Everyone ate the candy in the end. True Father invited the people who worked with this to Kodiak. Now we should educate the Principals so they can influence the pupils.

They used a slogan 'purity is my joy and my life.' These materials can be picked up in Korea for each country. Since September we started educating the Principals. We had a seminar to prepare them to teach the Purity Lectures. 80 Principals came to one seminar. Then we started educating teachers. A 1000 teachers educational seminar is planned. 2992 Principals and Teachers together have been educated. Seminars to teach a further 2250 are planned in the near future. All teachers are to be educated.

We did a survey of Korean schools:

Of vocational schools 26% had had sexual experience.
Secondary school 16%
Some even in primary schools
44% of those visiting entertainment places (places of prostitution) were from middle school.
84% of single mothers are teenagers.

In 1996 80% of divorce occurred through infidelity. 4% through economic reasons.

Many people were worried about the situation but they did not know what to do. Through the education they have become very inspired as a way to resurrect Korea.

We even tried to persuade prostitutes to be married. However, they often do not want to be married. The Korean Government has offered to sponsor this education themselves through the Education Bureau of the Education Ministry. Even Christian Principals who usually refuse us have invited us to educate their students. We just get an invitation to teach at a school. We don't have to worry about finding people to teach.

This Purity Education should be done in the families this is the best place to give this education not at the school. The parents should be the role model not the teachers. So we have offered Parent courses. 2000 parents have applied so far. 70 schools have invited the Purity Movement to teach the parents. We also have a correspondence course for their children which is free.

Class President's seminars also are being used for teaching this material.

Universities are giving out candy to students through the circles (clubs). There are PR campaigns prior to giving out candy. CARP was giving out candy. At Christian Universities too they could still give out candy even though there was opposition.

Korean women saw the silver dagger as a fetter on their lives but not on men's lives. The Purity movement has explained that it is for men as well. The women usually clap when they hear that. One of members became a star on television during this campaign. Through some debates about purity on television he became quite famous. Korean people cannot talk of purity without talking of us. In every discussion of purity we are very heavily involved in Korea.

There have been several debates on TV about this issue. There was an open debate at Ehwa University entitled, 'How do you educate young people about purity?' None of the Schools Principals wanted to debate until the Little Angels school Principal came forward. TV news also covered the purity Movement for 15 minutes 'Is sexual experience before marriage a problem or not?'

We want to send these materials to the rest of the world. Please come to Korea and learn from this Movement how you can teach these materials in your own country. 

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