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Ambassador for Peace Get Together

Robin Marsh
January 19, 2012

Ambassador for Peace and close friends get together in Lancaster Gate to review Universal Peace Federation (UPF) activities in 2011 and make a new start for 2012. Twenty five friends attended to discuss plans for the coming year as well as make comments on recent conferences. Their comments particularly emphasized appreciation for youth activities in UPF. There were some discussions of how to develop the family, youth and gangs area. The UPF Youth area has developed in recent months but we would like to establish it on a better basis. (For more photos please use this link.)

UPF's Proposed Program for 2012 was discussed. See below:

Jan 11th AFP get together

Feb 6th Interfaith Harmony week and Holocaust Memorial Day

Feb 16th-20th UPF European Staff Meeting (CIG)

Feb 22nd Mongolian National Day Cultural event

March 12th International Women's Day in Partnership with the Mongolian Women's Association

March 21st Causes of Discrimination Racial/Ethnic/Religious

April Peace on the Korean Peninsular

May 15th International Family Day with Ben Yeo -- Family Awards

June 8th -- 9th European Leadership conference (ELC) London

UN Environment Day – Population, Demography and Urbanization

July Youth Achievement Awards

Sept 21st International Day of Peace

October International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Nov 20th Faith Communities Coming together for Celebration of Holidays

Dec 1st UPF Peace Council 1 Day meeting

Dec 10th Human Rights Event

Please note this is a tentative plan and is subject to changes.  

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