The Words of the Marsh Family

Mrs. Ella Marks - Ambassador for Peace Award

Robin Marsh
March 31, 2010

Mrs. Ella Marks, the current President of the League of Jewish Women (LJW), was trained as a social worker, and worked in local government with children and families, and later became a lecturer on Social Work. Since retiring she has done many voluntary jobs with the League of Jewish Women. Her voluntary work now is reading for blind and partially sighted people. She has 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren.

Mrs. Marks, in her address, described the history and activities of the League of Jewish Women since being founded in 1943. She explained that stemming from a Judaic ethos, Jewish people believe that they should play an active part in the community wherever they live. The LJW has sought to educate young women to be both self supporting and train them to be active for the good of all society. The LJW is now affiliated to the National Council of Women as a consultative body. It is also very involved in interfaith meetings and activities. She concluded emphasizing that the LJW is a largely voluntary body that is an active community promoting service to those in need. (For other Ambassador for Peace awards here) 

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