The Words of the Marsh Family

Testimonies and pictures from the Original Divine Principle workshop in San Marino

Robin Marsh
January 31, 2010

Over 22 people from the UK took part in the Original Divine Principle workshop that was completed Sunday 31st January. Here are some testimonies and pictures from the last day:

"A box of more than a hundred hand-made notebooks in which he [Rev. Yue] has recorded words from True Father often spoken quietly and to a few people, things that Father wanted to include in the Principle but for which the time was not right -- this was a chance to revisit the Principle, clearer, stronger than ever, and always life-giving."

"One thing which is so powerful is that Rev Yue really desires to pass on True Father's heart and love. Every night my mind is so full I can hardly sleep. I feel I should have prayed more before I came here. With God's help I can bring back something to my community which will be meaningful for their life."

"Woke up one morning and heard the words, 'You must step out of the archangel realm and step into Adam's realm and lift the flag of absolute sexual ethics.' Now I know the original Divine Principle opens the door to the Kingdom of Heaven."

"As well as the personal journey, there was a strong feeling of this being a condition for the whole of Europe. I found each day quite intense, receiving so much material with no time for reflection, so it will take time to digest things, which will also happen through sharing the content with others. The main thing for me was seeing the need to develop Shim Jeong, the heart behind the words, especially through Rev. Yue's personal anecdotes in relation to True Parents. I hope this can be a way to have a stronger impact and more 'authority' in reaching out to others."

"…it's the heart of God which has been more deeply explained and as the Black Book or was it Level 4 said 'more will be given according to the development and response of people on the earth.' (or something like that.) Perhaps this is the Principle 'Level 5' which Rev Kwak spoke of. Anyway, glad to have been, and of course, wonderful to see the heart of bros/sis in Europe still longing 4 the love of God and True Parents from spiritually young to the spiritually older."

"The short time spent in this workshop has had an incredible impact upon my life already -- it gave me real hope and power. It was definitely a great boost to the New Year 2010. Much needs to be done before the year 2013. Through the well delivered lectures by Rev Yue, I felt the incredible heart of the forgiving God and His urgency in restoring the sinful world. Once again I find the ODP is truly alive and kicking. I remembered that I am a child of God, and that He needs me to fulfill my 5% responsibility." 

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