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Middle East Peace Initiative and European Symposium

Robin Marsh
March 18, 2006
Jerusalem March 15th – 20th 2006

Visits to the Nazareth and Galilee

The trip to Nazareth and Galilee was a beautiful experience for guests. We particularly had good testimonies from visiting the Church of Annunciation and on the lake of Galilee.

Visiting the church of Annunciation, sited on the place where Mary received the message of her pregnancy from the angel Gabriel, several ladies even though they were not from a Christian background had tearful prayers. One lady’s whole body was shaking with joy.

On the lake at Galilee in the early night was a highlight for most of the participants. The Christians in the group were very inspired by the Christian music and the presence on the lake where Jesus had spent so much of his life. While Christians find dancing to music as part of worship more natural even Muslim lady participants enjoyed the scene and clapped from the sides. One Professor of Theology, when invited to join the dancing stood up to expound on the similarities of such dancing to a group within his own tradition while standing completely still.

Participants from Jewish, Muslim and other traditions joined in the celebration illuminated by the lights from the shore. Another participant describes the experience as heart warming to see all the group experience such happiness. Mrs. Zari Tankaranyan said ‘These were the best days of my life visiting the Galilee lake and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. It has been like a dream.’

The day was special because of the opportunity to share and plan while enjoying the scenes of the lands where Jesus would have walked and placing familiar biblical stories in the context of their geographic origin. A number of participants have talked of their inspirations of what activities and projects they would like to do with UPF in future.

Robin Marsh

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