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UPF European MEPI Working Group’s Middle East Peace Initiative: Agenda 2006

Robin Marsh
February 24, 2006

Note: this draft is a revision of the one provided by Rev. Mike Jenkins:

MEPI Mission: The Middle East Peace Initiative of the IIFWP promotes peace in the region, offering a wide range of programs that include educational conferences, inter-religious dialogues, service projects, training programs in peace-building, fact-finding tours, special task-forces, etc. MEPI programs and practices are guided by two core principles: the first is to live unselfishly, and the second is to pursue reconciliation and harmony through touching on the universal faith principles commonly held in the Middle East. MEPI advances innovative approaches to peace-building, good governance, and human development, encouraging mutual respect and active collaboration among representatives of governments, religions, civil society and all relevant stakeholder communities.

MEPI Activity is a Source of PR Development in my City, my Nation and in Europe:

1) Schengen campaign relevance

a) Positive Members of Knesset (MKs) or leading Rabbis could visit Schengen (Walid Sadik’s visits to the UK opened many doors for us.)

b) We can organize cultural performances of Israelis and Palestinians musicians who want to promote peace.

c) We can request visits from key US politicians to Germany or other Schengen nations during the Capitol Hill recess while on the way to or returning from Israel-Palestine MEPI activity.

2) Change of Image:

1) Political, Religious or Media VIPs who attend MEPI can learn of our good activities for peace in an area of the world that Europe is very concerned about.

3) The Israeli embassy should be contacted when any event is held about Israel-Palestine. We should be open with them so that they understand our desire for peace is not anti-Israel. They may suggest their friends to also speak to provide balance, which will allow us to make new friends.

4) There is a give and take of living for the whole. We support the world level and our local activity will develop in mysterious and surprising ways.

Aspects of MEPI: Please see Mission Statement Above for Whole Vision

European Ambassador for Peace Symposia aspects

1) Education

2) Sightseeing/Pilgrimage

3) Fact finding

4) Supporting Israel and Palestinian search for peace through relationships with the local Ambassadors for Peace, involvement with MKs, NGO activity, conferences, rallies or dialogues.

5) AFPs supporting UPF outreach through arranging meetings with their contacts in Israel-Palestine.

Goals for 2006

1. Build on the foundation that has been established over several decades, and particularly over the past three years with our MEPI work in the region.

2. Establish a UPF European MEPI Working Group including some enthusiastic, prominent AFPs who have influence in relation to the Middle East.

I. Meet occasionally to review progress

II. Assess human resources for MEPI staffing

III. Assess financial resources and potential sources of funds

IV. Relate to other MEPI working groups

a. UPF/IIFWP International

b. UPF/IIFWP North America/USA


d. UPF/IIFWP Middle East

e. UPF/IIFWP Israel and Palestine.

3. Staffing

a) Full time Secretary to assist running UK IIFWP activities and MEPI Working Group activities throughout the year.

b) David Sasson working part time – 2 hours per day.

c) General Affairs Person to go each time to Jerusalem

d) Two education teams to alternate or coordinate with the US team to share education and other tasks.

e) Travel Agent:

a. Moses Travel agency first as the tried and tested familiar friend.

b. Occasionally use Bishop Riah’s contacts for good relations with Anglicans.

c. If the local travel agent Joyland seems professional in handling the US delegation then we can shift to them for future MEPIs.

PLANNING - The European MEPI Working Group should support the development of plans for 2006, 2008 to 2012 by the International MEPI working Group. These should be submitted and approved by Rev. Kwak and Dr. Walsh and other appropriate bodies of UPF.

4. Apply an effective, well-coordinated, diversified series of programs that advance the goal of peace-building small delegations

1) Service activities (WAIT, SFP)

2) Exchange visits to Congress and Knesset and Parliaments of Europe

3) large delegations

4) media plan

5. Small Delegations to the Middle East. High level Amb. For Peace from Europe and the N. America to go into deeper dialogue, friendship and discussion.

6. DEVELOPMENT OF JEWISH LEADERS. The work with key Muslim leaders has been greatly solidified. We must focus now on development of Jewish Rabbis and other key Jewish leaders. Plan: (Discussed between Mr. Ben Zvi and Dr. Jenkins - Small delegations of key Christians from North America and Europe in dialogue with key Rabbis building trust and friendship.) This can be an extension of our own local work with the Israeli embassies and Jewish community leaders in each nation around Europe. (Board Of Deputies in the UK)

Define and Research

1) Those Jewish leaders with whom we need to develop relationships

2) Those Jewish leaders who are negative but have mutual friends

3) Those, either in Europe or Israel, who are willing to be John the Baptists to other more senior leaders.

7. Israeli Knesset Members to Visit key European Politicians as well as supporting similar efforts to influence US politicians. RESOURCE PEOPLE: Dr. Eliezar Glaubach, Mr. Walid Sadiq, Talab El-Sana, Yuli Tamir, Hod Ben Zvi and David Sasson

8. Assist, if we can, the establishment of National Peace Councils of UPF in the Region.

9. Develop partnerships with WANGO’s NGO members in Region

10. Develop IPSF, RYS, SFP in Region

11. Promote the World Peace Blessing movement in the Region

Plans: International MEPI Basic Plan:

Ambassadors for Peace to Israel:

Small International Delegations - (5 – 10 people)

(Possibly one or two from Europe)

Focus: Key meetings with top leaders & dialogue with rabbis WHEN: February, April, July, August, October, December (N. America, Europe, Middle East and all Continents Coordinate)

Large Delegations (200 – 300 – combining North America and Europe)

FOCUS: Larger conference style meetings as groundbreaking opportunities to attract new high level figures and strengthen those from that came from the small meetings. Each time, except March, the goal for European participants should be 100.

Tentative dates:

March 16 – March 21 partially together with US 75 from the US and 75 from the UK

Mid April European

Early May European

May 25- June2, partially together with US

Mid June European Early July European

September 11 – 18. partially together with US

Mid October European

Mid November European

December 5- 12 partially together with US

December around 25th European

Mid January European

1. March 16 -21, AFP Symposium in Jerusalem for 75 European participants combining Symposium content, fact-finding, one day conference and election husting with candidate MKs. Jordan, Israel and Palestine: 75 IIFWP-USA "Ambassadors for Peace: Peace Building Task Force" to Israel for a series of high-level meetings.

2. European Parliament or nearby event to inform about MEPI activity in April (schedule depends on Schengen situation). (The US will have a Convocation in Washington, D.C.) Report on History of MEPI work in Middle East region (Report on the March MEPI)

3. May 25-June 2, Amman Jordan, Jerusalem): European assistance to support the IIFWP International, in establishing the Regional Peace Council; to review and possibly adopt the Peace Council charter; and discuss candidates for delegation to attend WCSF 2005.

4. September: MEPI Delegation to Israel (N.A. and Europe) Utilize the 9/11 theme for a rally for Peace.

5. Themes for other events to be planned din due course.

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