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Rev Dr Sun Myung Moon Visits The United Kingdom For The First Time Since 1978

Robin Marsh
November 6, 2005

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Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon Visits The United Kingdom For The First Time Since 1978

One-Hundred City Speaking Tour To Inaugurate Universal Peace Federation In 67 Nations

For Immediate Release

LONDON/EWORLDWIRE/Nov. 4, 2005 --- The Inter-religious and International Federation For World Peace (IIFWP) commends the decision by the Home Secretary to allow the visit of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon to the United Kingdom. It is now 27 years since he was last able to visit.

The decision comes after four emphatic judicial decisions (most recently by Justice Ouseley, the president of the Immigration Appeal Tribunal in June 2005) have dispelled deep misconceptions about Rev. Moon and his ministry, and found that there is absolutely no basis for preventing him from coming to the United Kingdom.

The Home Secretary's decision is just part of a major sea change in the way Rev. Moon is being perceived around the world. He is by no means the first historical figure to experience such a change. In the 20th century Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Mandela were all once vilified but later, achieved iconic and reverential status. The same process is happening with Rev. Moon. The typical initial persecution of religious founders and other leaders passes after a period of time as the fruits of their work emerge. Rev. Moon has long promoted reform of the United Nations, peace activities in the Middle East and on the Korean peninsula with the collaboration with Ambassadors for Peace of all races and religions.

It was a delegation of many of the United Kingdom's leading religious figures, who are intimately aware of this work, who intervened to persuade the Home Secretary to allow him to come.

Rev. Moon is on a whirlwind mission to visit 100 cities in approximately 100 days to launch a new global body for the resolution of conflict, the Universal Peace Federation. London is the fifty-ninth city on the tour. In many countries he has been welcomed on the level of Head of State and accorded full state honors, being received by presidents, prime ministers and other eminent persons in society. His speech in London, however, is an invitation only event for approximately 1,500 people.

The Universal Peace Federation grows out of the affiliation of other world organizations, including the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace and the 50,000-member Ambassadors for Peace. "We are hoping to be in every nation of the world as a way of changing the global conversation about how nations work together beyond the traditional channels," said spokesman Sir James Mancham, founding president of the Seychelles.

The Ambassadors for Peace have also made hopeful inroads in some of the world's most difficult flashpoints, such as Israel and Gaza. Rev. Walter Fauntroy, noted U.S. civil rights leader and long-term Congressman, has shared with Palestinian and Jewish leaders the work of King, and in particular his successful strategy of non-violence. "There is genuine, deep interest in learning new strategies," said Fauntroy, "and a willingness to see religious and spiritual values as part of the solution rather than the problem."

Immigration Appellate Tribunal Determination

In a determination by the Immigration Appellate Tribunal published on July 5, 2005 the decision by the former Home Secretary, David Blunket MP, to exclude Rev. Moon in May 2003 was 'not shown to have had any sound basis.'

'This is therefore one of those very exceptional cases in which we can conclude that the decision of the Secretary of State was disproportionate. It may be better to say that it was not shown to have had any sound basis.'

The case stated that the Ian Haworth's Cult Information Centre (CIC) and had provided only 20 year-old, outdated material, particularly that they had supplied no current evidence on abusive recruitment or retention practiced by the Unification movement.



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