The Words of the Marchan Sell Family

Matching Tesimony

Marchan Sell
January 2004

I just want to tell shortly how the matching between David Pique and Sunhwa Sara Marchan Sell came about. When Father said that now the parents have the responsibility to look for a partner for their children I thought "that's impossible". One morning when I was reading in the Bible, I was fascinated by the story, how Abraham, who was already very old, instructed his servant to look for a wife for Isaac. The servant departed and said, "...the damsel…who shall say, Drink, and I will give thy camels drink also" (Gen. 24:14) is the woman whom God has appointed. And I thought that is how I'd imagine it to be for my children. It has to come from God.

Then when Juan told me that Sunday he had had a vision and Sunhwa's face appeared in front of him and a voice said, "Sunhwa is for David and David is for Sunhwa", right in that moment I was so thankful that spiritual world had given us such clear guidance. Later on when I saw the both of them together, I thought of what a nice couple they make and now I hope with all my heart that True Parents will approve of their matching. After Sunday service on that Sunday my husband also had a kind of revelation. David was standing at the altar and reading something aloud. In that moment my husband thought: that would be a good son-in-law. It was just a glimpse of an idea, but all of this contributed to us parents being quite sure about it.

Even though we all live together in Spain, our families were always separated. Family Pique lives in Sevilla and we live in Madrid. None of us ever dreamed of our children being blessed together at some point. Now we all have to get to know each other.

Many greetings, family Marchan-Sell

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