The Words of the Malicdem Family

3-Days Skip Meal Condition, Nov. 16- 18, 2013

Julius B. Malicdem
November 15, 2013

Dear Leaders:

Warm greetings from the Philippine Headquarters!

In addition to the 3-Day Skip Meal Condition for Philippines specifically for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda on November 16-18, there will also be a special prayer and skip meal condition for the providence in Asia. Please refer to the following details:

1. Time Period: 17th Nov. 2013 -- 17th Jan 2014 2. Condition: Skip Meal for 3 persons a day (12 AM- 12 NN)

Please pray for the following activities:

a. Nepal election's victory on 19th Nov. 2013

b. Taiwan's 200,000 rally on 30th Nov. 2013

c. 120 Ministers gathering in Indonesia -- 9th-11th Dec. 2013

d. Peace Corps Conference in Bangkok -- 12th -- 16th Dec. 2013

e. 2nd Generation workshop in Thailand -- 26th Dec. 2013 -- 2nd Jan. 2014

f. 13,000 Core Members gathering in Philippines -- 11th Jan. 2014

g. 10,000 Core Members gathering in Thailand -- 18th Jan. 2014

Thank you very much. Let us all go forward to realize Vision 2020 in Asia and the Philippines!


National Leader

Noted by: Kuya Dante Negre 

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