The Words of the Malicdem Family

Regarding the Philippine 40-Days Condition

Julius Malicdem
February 7, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Warm greetings!

To ensure the victory of the Mindanao International Peace Blessing Festival in Sultan Kudarat on March 31, 2012 and the International Leadership Conference in Davao and Sultan Kudarat on March 29-31, 2012, we are enjoining all brothers and sisters to participate in our National Jeongseong Condition of 1- Day Chain Fasting, 40 Full Bows and 3-Hour/10-Hour EDP 100X Reading Condition from February 6 - March 16, 2012.

Below are the details of the conditions:


1) 1-Day Chain Fasting Condition by Trinity (Your schedule will be announced later.)

2) Daily 40 Full Bows Condition (minimum)

3) 100 x Reading the Exposition of the Divine Principle Diagrammed Lecture Manual for Three Hour Lectures /10-Hour Lectures (To be completed within 40 days) Duration: February 6-March 16, 2012 Purposes:

(1) For the protection and victory of True Parents and the True Family;

(2) For the success of the International Peace Blessing Festival and International Leadership Conference in Mindanao

(3) For the Philippine membership to create the best condition to restore national sovereignty in order to offer this country to God and True Parents;

4) For the unity of all brothers and sisters centering on these Providential events

Participants: All Members

We sincerely request that you fulfill these conditions. We have to make utmost effort to restore our country, Philippines and offer it to God and True Parents. Thank you very much and let us continue to unite together as citizens of Cheon Il Guk with one heart and one vision and culture of the heavenly nation. Eog Mansei!

Respectfully yours,

Rev. Julius B. Malicdem
National Leader
In True Parents 

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