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Narrative Report On True Mother And Hyun Jin Nimís Tour In The Philippines

Julius Malicdem
May 28, 2006

Philippines: A Filial Daughter Nation

From the time an official announcement was made regarding another UPF World Tour, great anticipation from many Filipino members in and out of the Philippines was present, especially so that this time itís True Mother and the three sons, Hyo Jin Nim, Hyun Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim making this very historic world peace tour to 180 nations. The tour has a very fitting theme, "Blessing the Family, the Nation and the World" which fulfills the vision of True Parents to spread the Blessing to all humanity. The "mother and son cooperation" has a very deep significance in Godís Providence dating back from the Biblical times. This time itís True Mother and the True Children to sow the seeds of peace and offer it to King of Peace, True Father.

The series of UPF rallies conducted in the Philippines, starting from the December 1 Inaugural Convocation in Manila, then the rallies held in the University of Rizal System in Tanay (March 28) and in Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City (April 3) were all very instrumental in accomplishing the historical role of the Philippines as a filial daughter nation. These past events saw Filipino members living in the Philippines as those abroad had shown unity in both internal and external preparations. Donations have poured in in spite of the present financial difficulties of members. All these sacrifices and sincerity of members paved the way for the successful tour of True Mother and elder brother Hyun Jin Nim on May 28, 2006.

Warm Philippine Welcome

From Korea, a day after the celebration of the 44th Day of All True Things, the plane of True Mother and HJN landed in the Philippine soil at around 11:30am. TM and HJN were welcomed royally with the Phil. Air Force band and red carpet. They were greeted in the airport by the Asia Continental Directors, Dr. Christopher and Julia Kim together with some Filipino VIPís closed to our movement like Undersecretary Josephine Dominguez and Gen. Florencio Magsino. Also with the welcoming party were some Philippine Church leaders led by the National Leader, Dr. Michael Zablan. Directly from the airport the party with police escorts proceeded to Makati Shangri-La Hotel in Makati City. Right at the hotel lobby were some more VIPís (mostly IIFWP officers) and members lined up to welcome them. A brief meeting was held at the Presidential suite with the CDís introducing to TM and HJN some VIPís present as well as some church leaders. Also, TM and HJN received a report from Dr. Michael Zablan about the Philippinesí preparation for the event, including a description of the country, a summary of the Philippine Church history, activities and membership.

Service for Peace Project

Later in the afternoon, True Mother and HJN gave the go signal for Dr. Thomas Walsh, together with some local Service for Peace leaders and Mr. Massimo Trombin of SFP HQ, to visit the site of a new building being constructed for the NGO founded by Mrs. Gina De Venecia, Speaker DeVenecia's wife. The NGO is dedicated to care for grieving mothers who lost their children. It is called, INA Foundation (Inang Naulila sa Anak), "founded to provide psychosocial support for bereaved mothers... helping them move on from a place of grief to a place of hope, empowering them to reach out to others." The DeVenecia's daughter, KC died tragically two years ago during Christmas season in a fire that swallowed their home. On behalf of UPF, TM and HJN offered a financial contribution for the construction project of INA Foundation.


As early as 3:30pm, guests are starting to fill in the Rizal Ballroom. Itís an exciting scene to see a lot of people flocking the registration tables. Most of the guests are coming from the religious community, some from the academe like DepEd Regional Directors, University and school presidents and administrators, Division superintendents, supervisors and principals, also many came from the government sectors like those from Malacañang, some governors, mayors, councilors and a lot of Barangay Captains. Various NGOís were also represented by their officials and of course the officers and members of affiliate organizations of UM, like IIFWP, WFWP, YFWP, PTARP, IRFWP and AMMS. An estimated 4,000 people including members and staff gathered that night at the Rizal Ballroom in Makati Shangri-La hotel.

The Pre-Program

During that lull, while guests were coming in, the Air Force Colonel, who has the Air Force Band under his command, suddenly suggested to bring in his "string quartet". The music played by the group truly provided a festive and a regal atmosphere giving the arriving guests a soothing welcome.

The part one (Pre-program) exactly started at 4:00pm with Bro. Joseph Navalta as the emcee. It started with some rehearsals for the recitation of the "blessing vows", then followed by video presentations, first about IIFWP, then a documentary about Service for Peace project held in an Aeta community in Pampanga which was participated in by some Filipino and Japanese 2nd generation kids. The audience more or less understood the vision and goals of True Parents through the IIFWP and UPF, as well as Service for Peace. The installing and appointment of new Ambassadors for Peace immediately followed with Dr. Walsh giving the certificates. Mayor Lito Atienza of Manila, was one of the one hundred VIPís and leaders who received the appointment as Peace Ambassadors that night. Holy song then filled the ballroom as the Holy Wine Ceremony was conducted. Three representative couples went up the stage. First, Dr. Walsh explained the significance of the ceremony, then he officiated. Everybody else in the hall, including hotel crews, technical and camera men joined in the celebration of drinking the Holy Wine.

The Main Program

The main program started at around 6:00pm with a Universal Prayer read by Bsp. Pedro Maglaya, IIFWP VP and IRFWP President, with other 7 religious leaders representing Christianity (Protestant, Orthodox, Catholic), Islam, Hindu, Buddhism and Sheikism, lining up on the stage, each carrying a lighted candle. A soft melancholic music is being played while the audience silently joined in the prayer through the powerpoint presentation flashed on the screens. The prayer was actually written by the late Bro. Andrew Gonzalez for one of our UPF events just before he passed away last January.

After the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, Bro. Joseph Navalta, Co-emcee for the event read the special message from Speaker Jose De Venecia who consequently was in Japan for an official meeting the Japanese Emperor and the Prime Minister.

Dr. Walsh, the main emcee for the event was then introduced by Bro. Joseph. Dr. Walsh made a brief introduction about the on-going 180-Nation World Peace Tour being conducted by True Mother and the Sons. In the absence of Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, the Chairman of UPF, Dr. Christopher Kim read his address which explained more about the Peace Tour centering on True Mother and the True Children. Ms. Pinky Marquez, an Ambassador for Peace herself then gave a powerful rendition of the beautiful song entitled " A Million Mornings". Her wonderful performance truly elevated the spirits of the audience who gave a resounding welcome for Hyun Jin Nim. There was a great energy coming out from the audience. You can feel it as HJN appeared in the screens. Hyun Jin Nim started by saying that he will read a very long but very important message coming from his father, the speech entitled, "Godís Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World". The eloquence of elder brother HJN in reading made the speech a different dimension of understanding, be it the people who heard the speech for the first time or members who had read it many, many times. The powerpoint presentation of the speech was also projected on the screen while HJN reads the speech. He received series of applause in between the speech especially towards the end wherein you can hear people chanting "Hyun Jin NimÖ". After the speech, a bouquet of flowers was then offered to HJN by Rev. Kenneth Aguilera and wife (Secretary of IIFWP Board).

Before, the speech of True Mother, a 12-minute video was shown entitled, "Blessed Families and the Ideal Family". It is a dramatic documentary about the life and vision of True Parents highlighted by the major projects and activities pioneered by the TPs for the realization of world peace.

When True Mother was introduced, the crowd cheered and clapped loudly. True Mother was very elegant and beautiful with her light blue dress. Beaming with her captivating smile surely, she would capture the heart of even those who saw TM for the first time. She then delivered her message in English entitled, "Godís Model Family and Nation, and the Peace Kingdom". TM confidently went through the message. Just like HJN, the speech was interrupted by periodic applause from the audience. Audience was either glued at their speech booklet or at the screens where the speech in powerpoint was being projected. When the speech was over, two bouquets of flowers were offered to TM, one for True Father and one for True Mother. TM then raised the bouquets, waving it to the appreciative crowd.

The Blessing Ceremony

Next, was the Blessing ceremony officiated by True Mother and HJN. It was truly historic since this is the first time that TM and a True Child will officiate Blessing in our country. Halleluiah chorus loudly played as TM and HJN entered the stage while representative couples were already positioned on the stage. First was the Holy Water ceremony. While a beautiful holy song was played, TM and HJN sprinkle Holy Water to the representative couples on the stage. The representative couples were selected from among the guests, some were religious leaders, ambassadors for peace, and blessed central families. Also, con-celebrant couples, selected elders and religious leaders assisted in the sprinkling of the Holy Water. Then, the recitation of Blessing Vows followed. After TM says the number, HJN read aloud the vows followed by a loud response of "YES!í from the audience. After the recitation of vows, TM prayed and gave the benediction in Korean. HJN then read the Proclamation of Blessing.

Two gifts were then presented to TM and HJN. One which was presented by the Religious communities led by Bsp Maglaya was a beautiful wood carving of a family (father, mother and two children holding hands in circle) and was made from "kamagong". The next gift is an exquisite glass carving depicting the Filipino spirit of "Bayanihan". It was offered in behalf of the Philippine Indigenous Groups by Undersecretary Josie Dominguez.

After the pictorials with the representative couples and the presenters, 4 cheers of "mansei" was led by the Philippine National Leader, Dr. Michael Zablan. Loud cheers and confetti perfectly ended the celebration.

Some interesting sidelights:

After the event, the Malañang Protocol Officer begs to meet TM. As a Protocol Officer for Pres. Arroyo, she perfectly knew that it will not be that easyÖ However, because of her prevent desire to see TM, Dr. Walsh accompanied her up to the Presidential suite where TM prayed for her and gave her blessing.

Mayor Lito Atienza while on the way out after HJN speech (he has another function to attend to) said that he really like the speech, especially it talks about the importance of strengthening the family, about serving others and sacrifice. He really valued having attended the event with his wife.

Mayor Eulalia Verceles and her husband former Vice Governor Verceles of Catanduanes (son of the late Commissioner Verceles) expressed their gratitude for the invitation.

By Julius Malicdem

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