The Word of the Mahjoub Family


Cindy Mahjoub
March 23, 2000

I thought to attach an additional time of prayer to the already exhausting prayer for True Parents speaking tour.

So at the end of the public prayer I add a 3, 7 or 21 minute prayer. I feel the sincerity of the prayer is far more important than the time spent in prayer. Everyone should feel free to make up a prayer plan or develop it as the condition progresses. I have started like this:

1) I am asking Heavenly Father not judge Japan for not being able to fulfill it's providential mother role, because in truth Japan just represents all women of the world today.

Then I ask to be one representative of womankind and motherhood who is willing to recognize error and who wishes to change representing my ancestors who are Blessed and liberated by Heung Jin Nim and representing the myriad of spiritual world saints and sages who have helped to instruct me and raise me up to meet True Parents.

2) Then I ask Heavenly Father to take my hand and walk me through the path of completely separating from things Luciferian, because coming from the fallen world I haven't any idea how deep and pervasive the problem is within me.

3) I ask Heavenly Father, True Parents and Heung Jin Nim to link hands and Heung Jin Nim takes my right hand, and in my left hand I link hands with my ancestors and the spiritual world women who have helped me in my lifetime to come to know True Parents.

I try and look at any fear; I fear death, I fear change, I fear the unknown, I fear what my husband will say.

I ask Heavenly Father to show me the heavenly way through touch, sight, sound, taste, and smell. I need to experience this so that I can express it to others after my prayer.

Then I imagine a leap of faith, an existential leap of faith, by us all linked hand in hand stepping through a window. 

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