The Word of the Mahjoub Family

Teaching Our Children

Cindy Mahjoub
February, 2002

I just taught our daughter about God, True Parents and the spiritual world from a very early age (Even though my husband initially didn't want me to teach her about spiritual world, I did, because that's what Father said to do, as it is their mission to connect the spiritual world to the physical world).

I also explained to her that these were things that True Parents taught to us and that if someone didn't understand about True Parent's they would not be able to understand very much spiritual world, so it would be better if she talked about spiritual world things with other Blessed children.

I taught her to talk to Heavenly Father like she does mommy and daddy and then to listen for His answer. I explained that Heavenly Father is the king of games and is the king of creation, so his answer to a question can come in many ways. That discovering the answer is a lot of fun. That she has to be patient for his answer and to keep her mind open as to how the answer would appear to her. She has to use her own intuition and creativity to receive His answer because God loves to play. Would the answer come through another person's words, or by observing nature? Would his answer come through the word's of a book or while relaxing in the bathtub? I explained some of my spiritual experiences as examples.

We went through lots of different stages with this. For months, she insisted God said it was OK to eat candy whenever she wanted, so that led us into discussions of God's principles and how he can't go against his own principles. So. that led us into discussions about health and our bodies and how to take care of them. I find the whole process is one of an unfolding and of growth and very beautiful and really helps to balance our reality. Our recent discussions have been about God in the Olympics.

I just viewed a video tape of our daughter giving DP lecture at our last God's Day celebration, (she is a second grader) and I was struck by her total focus in a room of merriment and her spiritual power in her delivery. Before she began, she opened the book and silently prayed for the right chapter to give to the audience. I was amazed. Our daughter turns 8 on Monday.

ITL, Cindy

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