The Word of the Mahjoub Family

Violating Shimjung

Cynthia Mahjoub
July 2, 2001

Many of us experienced creative callings after joining the church. Myself included. I honestly feel there were large numbers of members who were intuitively working with the spiritual world and developed a level of success in the outside world with principle as a guiding light. The real problem lay within the rigidity of the Unification Church structure, as now.

Members who managed to win enough internal support to remain connected (a member in good standing) and connect their programs with church leaders, saw their "babies," kidnapped and abused, and their creative selves shoved aside. Without the mother, the baby died.

The manager types had no vision for these programs, not being emotionally involved in their birth, and little respect for "outside peoples" feelings or sense of righteousness, so only a few of such kidnapped programs lived to evolve.

The creative types, learned DP is something that is taught but not lived, and either withdrew to protect their sensitivity or died internally in order to remain.

Now those who remain are not the creative types, even if they started out as such.

For 30 years leadership just wanted members who followed. That's what remains.

This is spiritual rape. Just as not listening to or caring about a members situation violates their Shimjung.

I don't believe that True Parents have any idea how bad the situation became.

The only equalizer was financial independence. Through this, members were able to maintain or be reborn. And now older and wiser, members don't want to support something that does not live up to their ideals, because without the restored HEART, we have communism. Having fought communism of the Soviet Union and China for so long, we are only beginning to understand what "spiritual communism" is and that it resides within us.

There are still many existing pockets of spiritual communism within the movement, even in the United States.

Only we can change it.

ITL, Cindy

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