The Word of the Mahjoub Family

Racism and De-Koreanization

Cynthia Mahjoub
May 16, 1999

In heart and Shimjung, you are closer to God and True Parents and can even choose to be a bridge for white people to understand True Parent's Heavenly Tradition, which is represented by many lively Korean individuals. Without the common cultural base that Korean leaders share with True Parents, True Parent's would not have been able to complete their mission in their earthly bodies. That alone deserves respect.

It is my observation that Korean leaders act not out of a sense of worshipful obedience to God and True Parent's, but out of a very basic love for God and True Parent's. This type of love is mostly incomprehensible to Westerners. But not to ethnic Westerners.

Today in our ceremony and service to congratulate the 106 Saints and their Blessing, our own Bishop Clark spoke about growing up with his grandfather. That grandfather took him out of school and wouldn't allow him to attend Wednesday church service because even at 16, he was needed to plow and harvest in the fields of Jamaica. His teachers talked repeatedly to the grandfather about letting him go to school and church. They said he was smart enough to become a doctor or do anything he wanted to do.

Bishop Clark's denomination fasted on Wednesday's. On those days that Bishop Clark went to evening service, his grandfather would tell the housekeeper not to feed him dinner, even though he had put in a full day of labor while fasting.

Today, with tears, Bishop Clark could forgive that grandfather. And my husband had the insight that if he had been allowed to go to school and study medicine, today he would be a doctor of the body and not of the soul.

As all the Saint's who died for their belief's died miserable and tragically slow and painful deaths. We can only now be able to direct their resurrection if we had endured some similar emotional trauma. The example that set them apart as Saints was that in death, these men and women did not pray for revenge or even justice. They prayed that God would not blame their tormentors and torturers, and asked for forgiveness for the very people that killed them.

We won Life, Love and Lineage. We are alive and these Saints will now be coming to help us. In all of human history Walter, YOU stand at the forefront. Heung Jin Nim will be coming to your house. Jesus will be coming to your house. The Rev. Martin Luther King and his people will be coming to your house. Your pain and True Parent's grace makes this possible.

In the Heart of Shimjung,

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