The Word of the Mahjoub Family

Matching Procedures

Cindy Mahjoub
December 28, 2000

I am not at all advocating that the spiritual parents interfere with matching process, but only that they are involved in the counseling of their spiritual child.

I strongly feel that the matching should be between the individual and God and True Parents (although we know there are political plays amongst leaders involving this process).

If you follow Father's course, he built his foundation upon the 36 Blessed couples. They built their foundations upon their spiritual children.

This was a personal experience for the individuals involved and involved individual personalities and all the human foibles that human personalities have.

Something that most of us witnessed to in mass missed out on.

I feel our movement has not grown because we did not fulfill the first Blessing, in part because we did not mature spiritually in relation to a spiritual parent. Without this foundation, we are kind of hanging in the wind, when it comes to trying to fulfill the TM responsibilities.

Our individual spiritual worlds prepared us to meet True Parents. We meet our spiritual parents and our spiritual children because of the connectedness of our spiritual worlds. To cut that off for what ever logical reason, does not make any spiritual sense.

I have experienced no greater joy than to hold my spiritual children's physical child in my arms. Each time I hold him, I remember their struggles, but this child is the victory. 

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