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Chung Pyung Migration

Cindy Mahjoub
November 26, 2000

At the beginning of the Chung Pyung workshop, I went to my favorite prayer place, the monument HJN designed from spiritual world for True Parents. I told him, OK, I was back and asked: What did he want me to do this time?

Before I had said the "n" in Amen, a sister to my right started to sing this lovely and unusual song in Korean. I had before prayer noticed that my feet echoed pretty nicely in the monument and had discovered that if you stand in the center right under the shaft to heaven, the acoustics are marvelously perfect, bouncing off the tile and marble.

So, I pulled this somewhat surprised sister into the middle of the center circle on the floor and said "Sing." She at first didn't understand, so I made hand motions.

Something clicked and she began to tentatively sing. She flashed me a look of wonder when she realized the acoustics and what I must have meant, and then began to sing with power. The sound swirled around us, enveloping us and lifting us upward in spirals, taking us to a totally timeless place. We were totally in enveloped in a vibrant and active spiritual world. The sound outside of us and yet within our very cells.

The song evidently barreled out of the shaft and upward and out over the water and mountains because, people came down the hill to find out what was going on. The Korean sister who had just played the drum for ahnsoo heard it and came to investigate too. After the sister finished her song, we were all momentarily suspended in awed silence.

Then I tried to talk with the sister who sang. She didn't speak English, but the sister who had played the drum was fluent and she translated for me. The sister who sang was not a professional singer (although no one would have believed it) and the song was about Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt.

So, I knew from the beginning that this migration was the most important issue surrounding this workshop.

Father has talked about the National Blessing and migration in his speeches together, always in the same breath, so to speak.

While in the workshop lectures, I first heard 3 years mobilization for Blessed wives, no visits home.

When Dae Mo Nim spoke to us, she said 4 years mobilization. And that before when sisters were mobilized there were problems within the couples, so we would be joined by our husbands and families.

At the end of the workshop Rev. Yang spoke to us and he said we had a special dispensation to go out 40 days twice a year (or every 6 months for 40 days).

Like Claire, I am inspired enough by the workshop experience and my experiences with Heung Jin Nim to plan to go to my region in Korea as soon as possible.

I did sign up to take my family to my area, but on the appointed day, couldn't find the bus driver. I don't know if anyone ever came or not. We scheduled another bus into Seoul and even got off to try and find our bus to our area a second time. I went to the Korean office and was told to go to the second basement, then from there told to go out to the buses, where we already were. I did hear other sisters had a hard time trying to find the busses and drivers to their areas too. (One determined Philippino sister took the bus to Seoul and flew to her area.)

With shame (and a more than a little frustration, I must admit) I also heard that the Moksans (which was translated for me as church leaders) are somewhat reluctant to accept the Americans to come there because we always make demands and cause trouble.

Bottom Line is what does Father want? Looks like to me Father wants the national Blessing and the migration. We all have to make the necessary adjustments, in a timely and realistic manner, which is perhaps what Rev. Yang's plan is.

ITL, Cindy

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