The Word of the Mahjoub Family

Blood Lineage

Cindy Mahjoub
December 19, 2000

Horizontal concepts we teach, like marriage and family relationships, can be flexible, or adapted more to the cultural environment in which it is taught.

However, the vertical points, need to be taught as they are. The most important concepts about DP and True Parents concerns the blood lineage.

Without the need to change the Blood lineage, we wouldn't need a messiah. The fact that most of us Blessed couples don't seem to have any experience in the substantiality of our change of Blood lineage is a clue that we don't understand it well

Even if a person is spiritually young and we think they cannot possibly grasp the meaning of the blood lineage, we are obligated to explain about the change of blood lineage and the Blessing clearly.

If we clearly teach the truth about blood lineage and teach it clearly, a lot of confusion would be immediately cleared up.

The laws of spiritual world exist and we have to know what they are in order for us to live correctly in the physical world. We have to grow into a way of life that leads us to heaven in spiritual world.

If we continue to side step around the issue of blood lineage because we don't want to hurt someone's feelings, or overburden them with responsibility, that very person will make decisions based upon the half truths we told them that will affect their entire lives on earth and in spiritual world.

Later (even in spiritual world) they will come to ask us why didn't we explain this clearly.

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