The Word of the Mahjoub Family

Change of Blood Lineage

Cindy Mahjoub
January 24, 2001

Rabbinical arguments tend to equalize everything out. Only those with insight into Jewish culture will understand what you are doing. But the Blessing and Change of Blood Lineage should not even be a part of this type of equalizing thought, especially by someone of your stature in the church on a public list, because it will cause confusion for younger members.

Father assumes we all understand the change of Blood lineage and the Blessing. But we don't. We all hear what we WANT to hear primarily.

The fact that in the past few years several elder leader type brothers have opted to divorce their Blessed wives and their Blessed children for the concubine, it is apparent that even leaders don't understand the difference between the restoration course and the Completed Testament age. (And yes, I would assume there are an equal number of Blessed wives who have left their Blessed families.) Within several cultures within our church, the attitude toward the concubine is an ancestral influence that still is a part of everyday life, a status symbol of success from the past that has to be fought against for a Blessing to work. The ancestral influence of divorce is another one that has to be fought out.

If we don't teach Tamar and Mary and any life previous to the coming of True Parents as RESTORATION up to the growth stage, there will be confusion for first generation and we will pass our confusion on to the second and even third and fourth generations.

After the coming of True Parents and receiving the change of Blood Lineage and the Blessing, and the realm of the Fourth Adam, there should be no adultery. But as this is Satan's greatest weapon against God's lineage, it likely will remain a source of great confusion, even as this truth lies printed in Father's speeches and DP.

If your Blessing is not all that happy, any straw to grasp to get out of it, looks inviting, especially if you have faithfully applied yourself to making it work with little success.

If there is confusion about this restoration course and time period, couples who have struggled through loveless Blessed years by uniting with mission and clinging to a CF, are looking for an out to get away from the continual numbing stress of both mission and Blessing. (This clinging to the CF and mission rather than to the Blessing of True Parents is another issue for another time.)

Rather than dying to the self and going deeper into God's hearts to make that paradigm shift in loving and being loved by our Blessed spouse with God in the middle, we are faint of heart and look to prolong the self's past identity and accomplishments, and we cling to things past...

It is extremely difficult to get up enough courage to pry the last few fingernails out of the soil to make that drop off the cliff into what looks like immediate death.

When people who left the church and made their own way, returned and received the Blessing with their own choice of spouse, it makes our own individual Blessing struggle seem less meaningful and somehow one can use their "seemingly easier course" to justify making a major break in our own. Why face the trauma of that cliff when you can just have fun, have your ego stroked?

Only in the past few years have we begun to learn about the influence the ancestors have over our daily lives, and understand how the enemy factions of our relatives have been fighting and learning to make eternal peace within our Blessings.

It's too bad that some people give up at the end, at the top of the mountain, right at the pinnacle. After CPL many hopeless Blessings have been recovered and rebuilt, the previous obstacles gone.

If anyone is contemplating leaving a difficult blessing, PLEASE visit CPL first, then wait about 3 months, before making any major decisions about your Blessing. I guarantee your burden will be lifted.

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