The Word of the Mahjoub Family

Black Heung Jin

Cindy Mahjoub
January 1, 2000


I'm a little hesitant to open old wounds on this, but this just isn't true. As soon as Father heard that Dr. Pak was in the hospital, I'm told, he gave a message to Clophas (Black Heung Jin) that he should "be more careful." As a result, the violence was toned down considerably in later US conferences. It escalated again in Japan.


You have just proved my point: Father did not stop the conferences. "Be more careful" is definitely not a "stop" or a "this is wrong" or "I remove you from your position," and the true meaning of "be more careful" is totally dependent upon the Korean.

In that these were the formation stage conferences, formation stage spirits were being dealt with. How ugly and distorted a spiritual picture we paint is just not something that we can be objective about. I do believe, like the indemnity stick, there was historical value to the conferences and that later in spiritual world, you will be quite happy about having attended.

Dr. Claire Horton, who has a lot of experience with shamans in many cultures, deplored the treatment of Clophas while at the Seminary. She claimed other cultures know how to assist a person channeling the spiritual world, so that they get enough rest, food and sleep, so that they don't "get whacked out." She pretty much predicted that at the pace he was going, he wouldn't be able to maintain clarity. Clophas was a lesson in spiritual discernment for us too. When is a channel on, when off?

I think the fact that Clophas was black WAS a major and significant symbol. And not too long ago, Father stood black brothers and sisters up at Belvedere and gave them a special Blessing. Even mentioning something about us white folk failing, and now it was up to the black brothers and sisters to lead and he trusted them to bring healing, not retribution. He also told them to stand up to their white brothers and sisters and tell them that Father had given them this special Blessing. I have tried to get a copy or a video of this particular speech, but for some reason, it isn't available.

I quite admire Dr. Pak. He is a gentle and intelligent man and he and Rev. Kwak's family strike me as exemplary families, totally dedicated to True Parents and True Family. He didn't cause a ruckus about these conferences and he surely suffered more than most from them. But I do remember, at the time, as being most impressed that once he was back on his feet, Dr. Pak was again in attendance to True Parents while most attendees were still nurturing anger and incredulity.

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