The Word of the Mahjoub Family

Fallen Nature

Cynthia Mahjoub
September 17, 2000

True Parent's cannot view or recognize fallen nature or evil because should they do so, God must do so. As True Children are the judges of the 36 couples, we members are the only checks and balances a leader might have. It is time to implement a more Christian standard of leadership (it is happening), a standard of leadership of brothers and sisters as one family under one set of Parents and under one God. Any racial issue can be absorbed by this view point, as in Islam. Indeed, if Christianity does not bring this about, then Islam will take the lead in God's providence. As the foundation of sacrifice is the foundation closer to Heavenly Father's standard, it would behoove us to begin practicing Christian principles within our movement. For some, the transition in principles of leadership will take time, but if members stand together and insist on the change in heart, that change over will come more quickly.

True Father recently asked us to stop fighting with one another and take care of one another.

As Larry said, we should put the spiritual growth of one another as a first priority.

What does this mean?

If we are true brothers and sisters, we don't play political tricks on each other, vying for recognition or position, we actually sacrifice our position, our recognition for the benefit of another. If you give up your place in the Kingdom for another, the Kingdom will not be built without including you.

As true brothers and sisters, we help each other out when there is a need. And we go beyond the point of someone having to ask us for help, because we are so in tune spiritually that we intuit when a person or a couple needs help financially and or spiritually.

As true brothers and sisters in the Family of God, we empower one another instead of harping on all the minute points of our daily failures and behavioral idiosyncrasies. We build each other up, we do not criticize one another.

Dae Mo Nim spoke at length about this at Chung Pyung Lake in May. We don't judge one another daily for being late to pledge, etc.; or failing to uphold a set external standard. For if we daily judge one anther, we just want to escape from our families and our constant failures in their eyes.

The elder Blessed couples paid a lot of indemnity to stand with True Parents during their 40 year restoration course. We did this out of love for them. Our love was greater than our suffering. Those who only sought power or personal acclaim, are long gone.

But because of this difficult course, we elders are not necessarily those to look to for developing your spiritual sensitivities. Rather second generation should be confident to go beyond our own formation stage, of mere physical conformity that we often alluded to as unity.

Look to us only as a standard of filial piety. That we remained when it wasn't fun or interesting. That we stayed even though it was not rewarding to us personally, and that because of our life's devotion to True Parents, we gave up those things, like education and careers that would even have made your lives easier. That is True Love.

With the Internet, we do not even have to be in close proximity to one another. We can help each other in an instant.

One small list I am on has taken it upon themselves to help one another get to CPL. Through this small list, we have arranged one interracial Blessing merely by asking who is in a location near those wanting to receive the Blessing. One couple stepped in and officiated. We have also gathered monies to help people, whom we have never met, make it to CPL. We are truly brothers and sisters, and we draw great strength and confidence from our association with one another.

The truth is there are lots of established Blessed families with money but not a lot of extra time to donate for mission. Even after all the official donations, it is still possible to go the extra mile to give an additional $25 or $100. In fact these extra mile donations are the sweetest and make you feel especially good about yourself.

We could set up foundations to help the second generation with scholarships to college, families in difficult circumstances.

One of my personal dreams is to build an international family education center, like YMCA's with all the sports stuff and more; DP education, PLA education, family support. Franchise this concept and Blessed families can implement them world wide, and work together in their communities. We know how to get people together. We can find music teachers, language teachers, art teachers and sports coaches altogether in one international interracial facility.

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