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Cindy Mahjoub
March 5, 2001

The 4th Adam realm is not one of restoration or of central figures.

Yet any organization needs "leaders"; SERVANT leaders. You will only learn about servant leadership from books or from the rare individual whom you may have encountered.

Father asked in a recent speech I found on UE, if the Korean leaders in Japan had learned to love the Japanese more than their own nation and culture? He gently chastised them for being so hard on the Japanese.

The American upbringing by the Japanese members was rigid, judgmental and critical, most of us Americans were emotionally damaged by it.

Where does that leave us all? We can either perpetuate the fallen patterns of the past or we can absorb them and not pass them on.

As these past experiences were encountered in the course of Father's 40 year course and the restoration period, so much of this pain was unavoidable. The Japanese had brutalized the Koreans; there was much conflict between the church Japanese mothers toward their American children. Who do the American's have to kick around? Can't we just trap the abuse and not pass it on to the spiritual or physical children?

In light of HSA's decision to place WFWPU under HSA, strictly for legal reasons, It would seem to me that leadership may be jockeying with some kind of control issue while in the realm of the fourth Adam. Must we have power? Is it necessary?

Spiritually, this is like inviting the archangel back into the church structure after waging the eons of battles to uproot his power, and after having already removed him from his position.

In light of all that we have experienced, it is important that Americans absorb and not naturally react by looking for the next dog to kick.

We have to begin to appreciate the spiritual value of each individual to God and begin to treat people in such a way as to express this. For everyone it means divining the difference between public and private.

For leaders, the most important points in the realm of the 4th Adam would be to align their hearts with Father's heart, to be accountable to not only report Father's words to their membership after meetings, but to convey his LOVE; to treat each individual with the dignity and respect that reflects God's hope for each of us to grow into mature spiritual beings; Finally, to be accountable to their membership with money that was intended for public use.

The restoration course was intended to bring about the restoration of the heart, the restoration of love, the restoration of trust.

I felt CPL (Chung Pyung Lake) was the kingdom of heaven because even the leaders were chastised by the angels biting their fingers when public monies were misused and the leaders RECEIVED the message and changed.

So often we all receive the message, from Father or spiritual world, but we do not HEAR it and we do not change.

Since the realm of the 4th Adam has begun and the Blessing of Grace, the spiritual world and all of us are in a different place spiritually. Inwardly, many of us, who after years of disillusionment, pulled away emotionally and physically in order to survive. We can still volunteer, but we are adrift as to how to reconnect physically to the existing organizational structure. The current organizational structure is not clear and we still battle levels of mistrust in tithing and other areas.

The existing official structure must clearly reflect Father's idea and hope for mankind, which is the unity of all religions and all people, in which people of color or ethnic background are heartistically treated as brothers and sisters, whether they be Christian, Muslim or what ever.

If we cannot accept a black spouse for our Blessed child, we shouldn't even strive to be a leader. And if our Blessed children are going to be Blessed to African children, why not help the families of these children now? Where is our humanity? For the diehards, let me remind you of the factor of greater indemnity.

We are all leaders now, as Tribal Messiahs. It would be extremely valuable if leadership would realize this (it's beginning now), but none of us need a leader to tell us what we can or should do with our spiritual life, our tribe or our contribution or the way we can individually contribute to God.

Leaders facilitate things by being creative and using his/her connections to place individuals in a position to contribute; just as any parent would strive to help place even the least capable of his children in a position to contribute to society and become a mature spiritual being. Yes, leaders have to follow a larger plan and balance the reality. But as Father has said, we should not lose even one person now.

I would be honored to have my daughter Blessed to an African or African American, and I would also like for her to be able to work as a team with her future husband. How can that happen if her future husbands life is so compromised so early?

We have to begin to think like Native Americans - what will your actions mean for 7 generations of the future and for the 7 generations of the past?

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