The Word of the Mahjoub Family

Let Us Love True Mother as We Have Loved True Father

Ali Mahjoub
June 12, 2013

Let us really love True Mother

Last night, I had an amazing dream of Father which is still ringing in my heart. I thought to share it with my brothers and sisters because I believe the dream carries an important message. I will tell the dream first than give my thoughts on the message it carries. The dream as follows..

The dream

I entered a room and found few people sitting on high stools around what looked like a kitchen counter. On the floor behind these men was a Cell phone and I felt Father's presence as if he was communicating with these men through the cell phone. I rushed to the cell phone, stood over it and began to greet Father saying "Welcome Father! We are glad to see you Father… we love you Father… We missed Father", bowing to father and happily greeting him. After the greeting, I stepped back and walked to the corner of the room where I stood earlier. All the while I was thinking and wondering if Father remembers who I am. (I had the honor of serving True Parents few times when Father was on 50-City speaking tour), so I was wondering whether Father recognized me. Suddenly Father shouted through the cell phone and said "Where is Ali?" I rushed to the cell phone, saying "yes Father I am here, yes Father I am here", bowing slightly and acknowledging Father. Again, after a while I stepped back and stood where I was standing. Father shouted again "is Ali here?" I rushed again to the cell phone, bowing and smiling to Father saying "Yes Father, I am here." And once again, after a while I walked back to my spot where I was stood in the room. Suddenly the cell phone slid on the floor towards me and Father shouted "Ali, I want a hug." And with all my heart and emotion I threw myself over the cell phone and as soon as I hit the floor, and before I knew it, I was hugging and kissing Father and never want to let go, neither did he. We hugged and rolled with each other on the floor, all the while kissing Father on the head and neck, when suddenly, Father transformed himself into True Mother and to my surprise, I find myself hugging and kissing True Mother on the head. The End.

Brothers and sisters, whatever you have gone through with your faith, please keep in mind that first of all, you are not alone. As blessed families who have so much love loyalty to our beloved True Parents, we all went through a dark period after Father passed away, not to mention other church controversies which added more confusion. But I believe we are beginning to come out of this dark period, and if you think your faith was shaken a bit and perhaps got loosen a bit, it's Okay.. Come back to your loving True Parents and get your faith solid again.

Thinking about our church situation, I couldn't help but think of Jesus' disciples and what they went through after Jesus death. They not only suffered persecution and mockery, they were crucified and fed to lions alive! Really, whatever how painful our suffering maybe, it can never be compared by the suffering and pain our Christian brothers and sisters went through!

The good news is that we have True Mother with us! Let us really love True Mother as much as we loved True Father or even more. This is Father's desire, that we love and honor True Mother. This is what I realized from the dream, when Father transformed himself into Mother,. What he was basically saying is love True Mother as you have loved me.

Let us love True Mother as we have loved True Father!


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