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True Pure Sex Revolution

Ali Mahjoub
January 15, 2013

The Reverend Hyung Jin Moon did a great job in his "Absolute Sex" sermon couple of weeks ago, when he boldly confronted humanity's most pressing issue regarding free sex. Absolutely no one can reverse the tide of free sex than the Lord of the Second Advent Himself! Religions, be they Judaism, Christianity or Islam, have preached about this type of sin for thousands of years but they could not reverse the tide because they had no clear idea what started it. Only in our time, God have sent to humanity a special Holy Man, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, which we call Messiah whom God have sent with a New Truth that exposed Satan malicious grip over human sexuality! Since the Fall of Man, Satan occupied human's sexual organs, made them his own and pushed God out of human love. and hid himself in human sexual organs ever since.

Couple of years after I met the Unification Church, back in 1981, I was sent to pioneering a new city center in Rochester Minnesota. I decided to make a 21-day Divine Principle (Rev Moon's teaching) reading aloud condition in a park near by my new center. The night before, I went to the park and had a deep prayer and proclaimed the start of my condition to God and the park and marked the place where I will be reading Divine Principle and the time, 6:00 AM. The condition went well as was planned. Every chapter I read, I would summarize it and conclude it with a prayer. But after I read the Fall of Man chapter and began to summarize it in the form of a sermon, preaching to the trees, grass and insects like they were people, that the fall of Adam and Eve was caused by an illicit sexual act (not as understood by the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths, who believed the Fall was caused by eating the forbidden fruit). after I preached for a while, I concluded my condition with a prayer. While in deep prayer, a very shocking angry spirit screamed aloud within me saying "What does God have to do with sex!" I was really shocked by the spirit's strong retaliation and the way it expressed its anger, as if he (Satan?) saying to me that God has no right to be involved in human sexuality, that He should stay away up in His Heavenly thrown and not be involved in human dirty sexual places.

It is really interesting how tricky Satan is! In this experience, Satan seemed to acknowledge the authority of God, he wanted God to stay away on His "pure" Heavenly Thrown, so that he (Satan) can continue to dominate what he coined "dirty" human sexuality.

The Lecture of the Fall of Man must have scared the hell out of him! So much so that it got him out of his most "loved" hiding place, (human sexual organs) that he stole from God!

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