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Ali Mahjoub
September 23, 2012

Jin Moon -- August 12, 2012

I am sorry! As much as I loved In Jin Nim's sermons, like most members, I was extremely shocked by her news, especially when news of her situation came a day or two after True Father's passing, where our church worldwide in a state of great pain and mourning. I couldn't believe how such a great and inspiring church leader/true child could fall into Satan's trap and fall and kept it hidden for three years!

I am not really mad at In Jin Nim, but I am sad for our precious True Mother and our precious leader Hyung Jin Nim to have to carry this painful/shameful burden on their shoulders and the extra pain in resolving In Jin Nim's problem to our church members. I am also sad for In Jin Nim too, because she was a wonderful loving person and did great job with her LLM ministry, giving new life and hope to many struggling members.

I really loved her sermons, because they were purely from her heart. Having said that, I am not so sure I agree with Shahram Sedehi's remark that In Jin Nim's problem was caused by our collective failure? First of all, it is not the right time to talk about this issue right now while we still mourning our True Father's passing. Secondly, as members of God's and True Parents family, be it an ordinary church member or a true child, we all have our own individual portion of responsibility!

Though I am feeling sad and disappointed with the whole situation, we must not be dismayed nor loose focus on our immediate responsibly, that is to follow heaven's direction through the instructions of our beloved True Mother and our precious True Leader, Hyung Jin Nim, God save them and protect them!


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