The Word of the Mahjoub Family

The power of witnessing through personal experience

Ali Mahjoub
February 7, 2012

Sun Myung Moon January 14, 2012

As many of us, Unificationists know, how many times True Father had asked us to write our personal stories on how God and spiritual had guided us to the True Parents. This doesn't mean that we solely write our stories in a journal and keep them privately for ourselves, what's good of it? The best and most powerful way of expressing our God inspired personal spiritual experience is through publishing it in books (in the form of autobiographical books).

There is power in publishing books! First of all, when you publish your book, you automatically lifted above average, people will look up to you. This is the experience I felt when I publish my book Honor Thy God, in 2010. I manage a restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana and when my book was published, people were so amazed and surprisingly shocked that I published a book. Some people were to the point of bowing to me with great respect! Over 200 people from the restaurant bought my book and some of them reported to me what chapter they read every time they came to the restaurant. At the restaurant we have about 20 regular Korean customers, most of them church Ministers and famous business men; they all bought my book and were fascinated with my life's story.

When the distribution of Father's biography started, I started handing Father's book to them, some accepted it but most of them refused. They said, they will only read my book. One of the wives strongly grabbed the book out of her husband and handed it back to me and repeated, "We read only your book". Her husband is a very nice man, every time he comes he tells me about something he read from my book. Couple of weeks ago, he came with a group of eight people, he called me to his table and said loudly to his friends, "Hey guys this Ali, my best friend, he published a great book you should read his story, three of his friends bought my book.

Then he called me again to his table and said, "Ali, you have an amazing story, I was first amazed by your personal story and how many countries you lived in and visited, but lately I am again fascinated with your powerful spiritual experiences and the TRUTH Rev. Moon is teaching!" He said this deliberately loud so his wife and friends can hear him. For those who deeply feel they have a calling to witness and who have a great story to tell, my advice is, PLEASE PUBLISH IT IN A BOOK! There is nothing more powerful a tool for reaching out to people than this. 

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