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True Object Has No Mouth (Cain and Abel/Subject and Object)

Ali Mahjoub
January 27, 2012

Sun Myung Moon and Hyung Jin Moon January 14, 2012

Years ago, in my early years in our wonderful church (I mean it), back in 1984, in Minneapolis Church center, we had a young member by the name of Mark, he was bright and cheekish kind of a young man. Speaking of obedience to his church elders/leader (Cain/Abel Subject/Object), during a conversational argument, he always says his favorite words "True Object Has No Mouth," and he closes his argument.

The point I want to make is this, Is it true, that Cain/Object has no values in his/her opinions nor the right to speak? In the early months of my church experience (1982), Cain and Abel relationship was my most challenging aspects in my faith. The idea of completely denying myself (my opinions and everything I knew about life) and submit myself totally to the direction of a new church/leader/Abel, all seemed strange to me. I couldn't understand why I need to deny the self, the very self that acknowledged and accepted True Parents and the teaching of the Divine Principle; how could you turn around and ask me to deny that very self? I struggled with this issue for about two years, until God interfered.

All people (Cain/Abel) have good Opinions

One day in 1983, while pioneering a new CARP center, in Durham North Carolina, God taught me a great lesson about Cain and Abel relationship that I will never forget. I was sent from Philip Schanker's 21-day workshop in New York to join a new pioneering CARP group of four, led by Jack Ashworth, a bright and enthusiastic leader and a black belt Won Wa Do fellah. Most of the group were middle aged and grumpy people, some had heath issues accept from one young English sister by the name of Allison, (now Buyer). We were pour fundraisers and living in the most pour part of North Carolina. Five of us go out fundraising all day and we wouldn't make more than $120.00 altogether. But our enthusiastic leader had a huge mind, huge idea. He wanted to open a 2nd center in Chapel Hill, but this was not enough, he wanted to go to El Salvador and do some missionary work there. This had consumed me! I tried to talk to my leader about the team condition, fundraising and financial situation but he rejected my opinion and saw me as a trouble member.

That same day, before our team left for fundraising, our leader reported to us his plan, to go and rent the new center in Chapel Hill. He made an appointment with the landlord and was told that there were few people were interested in renting this house and that whoever comes first and pay the first month rent shall have the house. So he left in a rush to meet the landlord before we left for fundraising. This day I thought I was going to have a heart attack! I was so consumed with disappointment mixed with hunger, not to my to leader but to God Himself! Why God? If I was wrong in my opinion and my logic is not good, how come you want me to deny my opinion and logic that recognized your will and accepted True Parents? I talked, cried and complained to God all day long. This day, I didn't make more than $20.00. It was a very awe full day that I never forget.

The chase to rent 2nd center

At the end of our fundraising session our team went back to the center, and were surprised, our leader was waiting for us in the parking lot! He was so happy to see us, smiling and welcoming us and seemed to have a big news to tell us. He had dinner (cooked it himself) ready prepared for us. As we set for dinner, he began to tell us his story about the new house and how he sped 90 miles an hour to get to the landlord lady to get the house before someone else got there first, and how he struggled with himself all the way (2 hours' drive) if this was right, praying and asking God to stop him getting this 2nd center if it is not right. As he turned to the street corner where the house was, a truck blocked his way and took few minutes off his time. by the time the truck cleared out of his way, he sped to the house and as he drove in the house drive way, he saw a man handing the money to the Landlord Lady. Of course, he talked to the lady, but the lady said to him sorry, that was the policy, first come first served.

God called me out for a talk

At the end of telling us his story and how happy and grateful to God that he prevented him to get this 2nd house, he threw his arms around me and looked me in the eyes and said, " Ali, please forgive me, I made a mistake with you, I didn't valued your opinion, but God told me that I should have Listened to you" At this moment I almost burst in tears, and after dinner I felt strong sense of God Calling me out for a talk. I put on my jacked and told my leader that I am going out for a walk. Not a block away and I let out! Something so powerful took over me, I was crying uncontrollably so loud, people could hear me for miles. Then God began to speak to me. He said "Ali, you are good, you have great mind and great thinking and logic, you have good heart and good intentions...But you are crossing the line with me!" 'It is not your job/responsibility to change or force the leader, it is my job/responsibility to do that. The lesson I learned that day is that, as a person in Cain/Object position, it is not me who force the leader to follow my way nor correct him/her, this job/responsibility belongs only to God. If things are not correct with a leader, our responsibility as Cain/Object is to pray to God to correct our leader. not belittling the leader, demanding he/she should come down lower than our level.. 

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