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Dreams and spirituality: Our witnessing tools

Ali Mahjoub
October 30, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

In Acts 2:17 The Bible tells us that

"In the Last Days, I will pour my Spirit into all flesh and young men will see visions and old men will dream dreams."

The Bible also tells us that God had prepared 144,000 people to receive the Second Advent. I don't know whether, us, the Unification members, you and I, are among these 144,000 prepared. But still, our job has not finished yet. We are prepared and called to assist the Lord of the Second Advent to bring salvation to all mankind. Though our church movement had done tremendous "external" hard work in campaigns and witnessing activities, I feel there is a lot we could do to approach people in Spiritual things they have deep interest in, such as dreams, mysterious coincidences and other psychic phenomena. We should hold meetings for Prayers, Bible Study and talks about dreams and spiritual experiences.

Message: to all Unificationists/Unification Church Members

Brothers and sisters, I am preparing for my new book, focused on Psychic Dream Phenomena. Dreams such as:

Precognitive/Prophetic Dreams: dreams where the dreamer received information about a future event that turns out to be true(verified event)

Apparition Dreams: dreams involving a deceased person (whether you know the person or not) appears in the dream in order to convey to the dreamer an important message.

Mysterious Coincidences: strange/unusual situation that led you to meet our church. For examples, please see my blogs on dreams.

Your story would be added in my book!

Please send your most inspiring story/dream to my email address

Looking forward to reading your amazing stories!

God Bless you all!


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