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My Spiritual Experience with Jesus and Heung Jin Nim

Ali Mahjoub
February 27, 2011

This Spiritual Experience with Jesus and Heung Jin Nim came during our church historic, national prayer condition, doing a 7-day non-stop, all-night prayer vigil to support True Father in his court case, back in May 1984, right after IOWC tour has ended. Our team led by Gary Fleisher, was sent from our last city, Missoula Montana to Minneapolis MN, and few days later, we were split into smaller teams and I was sent with four other members led by Alice Fleisher to Rochester MN to pioneer new center. the following is how the spiritual experience happened.

At Midnight on Sunday, May 20,1984, the last day of our vigil prayer condition, we all gathered and sang a few songs and began our vigil prayer. It was my turn to start the first hour prayer and at 1.00 A.M., I was relieved by the next person to pray, and I went to sleep.

Suddenly, for no apparent reason, I was awakened with a feeling of energy and alertness as if I never had been asleep. The light was brighter than daylight, and I was feeling as light as a feather. Then to my attention I was directed to the alarm clock, and I was amazed by the sequence of the numbers on the clock: 2:22 AM or 2-2-2. I thought about it for a while and then went back to sleep. Approximately an hour later, I was awakened with this same unusual feeling, and I was amazed again at the numbers, which were 3:33 A.M. or 3-3-3. I marveled at these numbers. I thought about this phenomena for a while and then went back to sleep. One hour later, the same thing happened! This time the clock showed 4:44 A.M. or 4-4-4. Now I realized that something spiritually very important was about to happen. The spiritual world was trying to communicate with me, and I felt an urge to go out for a prayer walk. This was another sign that developed, God wanted to communicate with me.

At 5:00 A.M., I led the team for pledge, and we finished our prayers. I told my team that I was going out for a prayer and would be back shortly. I put on casual clothes and headed for the highway. As I got on the road that led to the freeway, I began to pray, starting with the usual, habitual prayer, "Heavenly Father this, Heavenly Father that." Then it dawned on me that the reason I was out at such early hour was not for me to launch into my usual prayer style; I was here because God had something to tell me. I was here to listen! I looked at my watch. The time was 5:22 A.M. And, I said "Heavenly Father, you asked me to come out to tell me something. I am here for you; I will not say a word. I will give you an hour; I will not speak but walk in silence. Please use this time to speak to me."

I started walking, heading toward the freeway. I must have walked a block when I found myself deep in thoughts about Jesus' painful death on the cross and the incredible love he had for God and human kind, for which he gave his own life to save sinners like me. I was moved in tears by his love and started weeping uncontrollably. I was weeping and crying so loud that people could hear me from a mile. I wanted to have a moment alone with Jesus. I got on the freeway and walked out of the city, so as not to be disturbed by busy city traffic.

Suddenly, I felt Jesus' presence. I bowed slightly and welcomed him. As Jesus walked beside me, I was still crying and thanking Jesus for his love and sacrifice. Then Jesus said, "Ali, I have someone very special I want to introduce to you." Then with a Heavenly light gesture, Jesus said, "Heung Jin Nim is here to see you!" Then on my right hand side I felt Heung Jin Nim's presence. I burst into crying again and welcomed him and thanked him for his sacrifice, saying that he, too, like Jesus, sacrificed his own life to save his father's life and that his death in the car accident was a providential offering similar to Jesus' death on the cross. We walked together with Jesus walking on my left and Heung Jin Nim on my right. We made a U-turn, crossed to the other side of the freeway, and walked back toward the city; all the while, I was still talking to Heung Jin Nim and Jesus.

Suddenly, I was surprised to find myself looking at a park (my favorite park that I had done many prayers and Divine Principle reading conditions). I found myself drawn into it and noticed that Jesus and Heung Jin Nim had disappeared, but I still remembered their presence. I was drawn to walk to the park, to pray and think of the experience I just had with Jesus and Heung Jin Nim. As I walked into the park. I looked and saw the grass and trees were like a huge mass of people! I felt they were there to welcome me! I felt that the spirit of a mighty warrior or general-like spirit had entered in me. The grass turned into mighty soldiers; they all stood at attention to welcome and listen to their mighty general, me! In return, I stood erect in the manner of a powerful general to acknowledge the people. I like what I saw!

After greetings, I found myself talking to a large group of my ancestors, most of them males. I was telling them of how great the True Parents were and how lucky and blessed we were to meet them. Then I reached for my wallet and pulled a picture of True Parents that I carried with me and said to them, "Look! These are the True Parents; come and meet your True Parents! How about a hug for True Parents!" I was gently talking to them like I was talking to little kids. At first they looked a bit shy and had a feeling as though they were not worthy, but I kept on assuring them that it was okay and encouraging them to come and see the True Parents. Then slowly, they started coming closer and closer and then jumped on the True Parent's picture, snatched it from my hands, and ran with it like a bee hive, kissing and hugging True Parents' picture. Then I said to them, "Hold it! Come back. I have another surprise for you! I have Heung Jin Nim here with me!'

Then I started telling them about Heung Jin Nim and how important he was to the providence and that he sacrificed his life to save the life of True Parents. I pulled his picture out to show it to them, and before I knew it, they grabbed his picture and ran with it, kissing and hugging Heung Jin Nim. After I saw they had plenty of hugs and kisses, I called them again and said that I have another great surprise for them. I told them that I have Jesus with me! Come and meet Jesus!

As Soon as I mentioned Jesus' name, my ancestors went cold! Realizing what was happening, I felt my ancestors were feeling guilt and shame for being part of Jesus' Crucifixion. So I went to them and told them, that even if they were involved in Jesus' betrayal and killing, God and Jesus had forgiven them; that God and Jesus both know you didn't do it deliberately. Soon after I said that, they slowly started to come closer and closer and then grabbed Jesus' picture from my hand and ran with it, wildly kissing and hugging Jesus. It was an awesome thing to watch! After I finished introducing the Royal Heavenly Family to my ancestors, I stood and offered a prayer to officially conclude my prayer session. I looked at my watch, and to my amazement the time shown was 6:22 A.M.--exactly one hour from the time I started my prayer walk!!! What an amazing confirmation! On this day, May 20,1984, was the day I connected my ancestors with the Central Line of God. It is recorded in Heaven! End of the story.

This spiritual experience is also in my book! so every non-Unificationist who would read my book, hopefully would be amazed by how God worked miracles to bring me to the Unification Church. It was as if I was kidnapped by God Himself and handed into the hands of the Unification church missionaries! 

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