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My Dream About Gaddafi "The Executioner"

Ali Mahjoub
February 26, 2011

This dream came to me in 1986, approximately two weeks before president Ronald Reagan sent two fighter jets and bombarded his palace, killing his daughter and injured three of his sons. During this period, Gaddafi was involved in wars and genocides in few small African countries, Chad, Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, and Ethiopia, and at the same time, he was acting as a puppet for the former Soviet Union, being heavily used in the Media with his anti-American imperialism and capitalism slogans. I named this dream "the Executioner" The following is the dream.

In the dream, there was a scene of an African town being ravaged by a militant rebel, backed by Gaddafi. People were in terror, crying and running in fear and panic, some were carrying wounded and dead bodies; it was chaos. A Biblical-like message came to me about Gaddafi, saying to him "Why are you having this relationship with a whore while you could have this relationship with a women of good standing!" Then the scene changed and in the scene there was a preparation for an execution being put in place. To my right, about a city block distance, were four men seated on a bench, ready to be executed by gunfire, on my left was a tent, from which came a man with a shot gun, and to my surprise, the man was Gaddafi! He was dressed in his native Bedouin clothing with a headgear; he lifted the gun and aimed at his target, ready to shoot, and as he pulled the trigger, suddenly, a loud and frightening thunder and a lightning bolt struck a tree next to the four men, I looked at Gaddafi and saw his mouth drop open, stunned in disbelief. Realizing that it was a judgment and a warning from God, he was hesitant to shoot again. End of dream.

Interesting, this dream revealed that Gaddafi was prostituting himself with the former Soviet Union back then; this explains the meaning of "whore" whereas, the women of good standing meant for America.

Today, Gaddafi is in trouble again with his own people revolting against him in Libya. He is bringing African militant mercenaries that he created during the 80s to kill his own people!

Gaddafi is a mad man like Hitler, obsessed with the idea to be the only supreme leader for the whole continent of Africa. After many years of ravaging in Africa, Gaddafi was elected Chairman of the African Union that he created! Before coming to America for the first time to attend the UN Summit Meeting in October 25,2009, I was surprised to find that On February 1, 2010, in a private meeting behind closed doors in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, seven African kings (militant leaders that Gaddafi installed) crowned Gaddafi as their king of kings! This man, like Hitler, he has a chip on his shoulders and too much to loose, give up his authority and resign like president Ben Ali in Tunisia or Mubarak of Egypt. Gaddafi, like Hitler, before he leaves, dead or alive, he will probably take the lives of 1000s with him!

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