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Third Dream, The Submarine Invasion

Ali Mahjoub
February 22, 2011

The following dream came on the night I met My spiritual parents on October 6, 1981, a day before I attended my first 2-day workshop. You need to bare in mind that I had no idea who the Unification church or Reverend moon were. All I knew is a friendly bunch of people working on the city campus affiliated with some kind of Student Educational Organization. The following is the dream, titled the Submarine invasion.

In the dream scenario, I was walking on the beach a few miles away from New York City. I could clearly see Manhattan and its beautiful high-rise buildings on my right side as I faced the Ocean. Suddenly, I saw a spy submarine going up and down, apparently spying on America. I realized the seriousness of the matter. I began to shout aloud and screaming, trying to warn and wake up the city. I was screaming and waving frantically, but nobody paid attention. A minute later, a military helicopter came and hovered over the spot in the ocean where I saw the submarine. It submerged and hid as the helicopter went over. The sub came up to the surface, came close to the shore, and began to unload trucks full of soldiers as if it was a full invasion! Thousands of soldiers cane onto the shore. At this time, I was in total shock and panic. Suddenly I noticed the presence of a counterpart -- an army camped inland, a few hundred yards from me. I sensed the presence of a very important and powerful general of Asian origin camped and waiting to ambush and capture them. Before I realized what was happening, I found myself in the dream, groping around in panic for my life! A young Asian man in civilian clothes was pointing a gun at my head, and I felt this man was about to shoot me in a matter of seconds. Stricken with fear, I desperately covered my head with my hands and tried to recite a Surah from the Koran for spiritual protection.

(This is the way I was taught by my father, that whenever there was a danger or threat, the best way to get protection was to recite certain Sirah from the Koran. For example, I had witnessed my father doing this many times when we camped and slept outside. To protect us from poisonous scorpions and snakes, my father drew a big circle around us with a stick, and as he drew the circle he recited from the Surat Yasin in the Koran. In this way, we all slept at peace with no fear, and if anything tried to come our way, it would stop at the line that my father had drawn.)

So in my dream, I was trying to recite Surah Yasin, but I couldn't remember a word! I was desperately unable to recite any Surah from the Koran. When reciting the Koran didn't work, I began to look for a way to free myself, thinking perhaps I should jump on the man and grab the gun from him, or grab a handful of water and throw it at this man's eyes, as my mind was intensely clouded with millions of thoughts coming faster than the speed of light. Suddenly, the picture changed, and there at the shore, a few feet away from the ocean, an open staircase appeared, and the man with the gun behind me motioned to me to go down the stairs. I obeyed. I felt relieved and realized in the dream that the man with the gun was sent by the powerful Asian general to protect me. After a while I was ordered to come out. I walked up the stairs, and there at the top of the stairs, the young man with the gun was waiting for me. I looked at his hand and noticed he had a shiny silver gun in his hand. I didn't feel any threat from this man.. I looked toward the ocean to see what had happened to the submarine, and there I saw a huge unusual mysterious, bright, shiny silver ship catching the submarine. I looked to the right, and there I noticed what looked like a military truck camped about two blocks away offshore, and felt the presence of the very powerful general from Asia whom I had sensed earlier.


(1) my first 2-day workshop was during Tiger Park speaking tour, reporting CARP's 40 students counter-demonstration against 180,000 people anti war demonstration, that took place in 1981 in West Germany. Later, I recognized that the young Asian man with the gun was he, Tiger Park, and the mighty general that sent him to save me was none other than True Father!!!

(2) Unable to recite Surah from Koran: My understanding of this is that Islam as a religion has reached its highest peak and cannot go any further. It delivered me to the True Parents, where I can go to a higher truth where no religions can reach! 

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