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My Second Dream that Made it Happen

Ali Mahjoub
February 7, 2011

On the third night, I had another significant dream that awakened me again at exactly 4:00 AM, just as in the first dream, feeling so light just like I felt in the first dream. This time, however, I was so excited and fully awake and light as father and the light was so bright. I couldn't go back to sleep; I got dressed and went out to the same coffee shop I went the day before after I had the first dream, to have a cup of coffee and think and analyze my dream.

I called this dream The outdoor Concert Dream.

I dreamt I was standing up on a hill, watching a musical concert in the valley. Below there was a huge crowd of people numbered by thousands. It was a huge event, such as the Woodstock music concert that took place in early 70s. People gathered around the stage listening to the music. On the stage there were two musicians pouring their heart and soul into their song, but I noticed that the people seemed to be glued to the ground as if they were drunk or high on drugs. The audience wasn't responding; they were trying to get up but could not. I couldn't believe how rude people were in not showing their appreciation to these two great singers. On the hill where I stood watching. I started applauding loudly, and then the whole crowd of people arose as if someone had released them. They responded clapping in a rhythmic tone, non-stop, like a machine. People ran toward me. The scene of the dream changed. The two men singers came to me first, to shake my hands. I thought these two singers appeared to be the prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ. The one who I thought was Jesus said to me, "Ali, in six, (something, something) you will receive something so precious, more precious than life! Go out and look for it," and while he was instructing me, the other person stood humbly close by on my left. The end.

After I analyzed this dream, I realized that there maybe a job or something very important out there waiting for me. I made a plan to travel to all States to search for my dream, which I thought, could be a job. I also pledged to myself that I must be alert and pay attention to anything that may give hit to my dream. I printed about 20 copies of my resume and decided to visit every Hotel chain Headquarter. I bought a 30-Day Grey Hound mere pass and went first to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Saint Francisco, Chicago, Memphis TN. and applied for a job in every hotel chain headquarters, but nothing happened. I still have about 7 days left in my pass, and something told me that I should visit New York, that I might find my dream there. So the next day I checked in and took my seat on Grey Hound Bus, heading for New York. As I claimed my seat, a young beautiful lady came on, walked through the isle and as she got to where I was seated she dropped her bags and looked at me and said "could I sit with you?'

I, of course moved my bag and let her have the window seat. This young lady was visiting her parents in Memphis and is going back to her home in Chattanooga TN. To make the story short, within five hours, from Memphis to Chattanooga, we were holding hands as if we knew each other for ten year! before we arrived to Chattanooga she made me swear to come back and visit her in Chattanooga. she gave me her address and phone number and when the bus arrived to Chattanooga bus depot and she left, I felt part of me had left with her.

After spending four days in New York, I gave up hope about my dream and began to make plans to return to England. And while I was making my plan, a faint voice like a whisper said to me "what about the girl from Chattanooga? Could she be your promised dream?" And once again, I bounced with joy and excitement and I realized that if there is any chance left to find my dream, it must be with this girl in Chattanooga! I run to the bus Depot, called the girl to inform her of my coming and reserved my seat and that afternoon, boarded the bus going back to Chattanooga. But when I got there, after I made arrangement to meet this girl in a restaurant, something she said made me decide not to meet her!?! (story too long, explanation in my book). BUT Guess who I met??!! yes, my Spiritual Parents!! I met them, or rather, they met me, reading the News about Egypt president. Anwar Sadat's assassination! on October, 6 1981!!

There is a lot to learn about God and how He find and capture His people! What I learned from my experience and my examples, that God is the best Fisherman! He knows what types of bait is suited for different fish. God uses people's ambitions and likes, even things that are considered sinful, God will make use of it to catch that person. in my case, God used these ladies as bates to catch me in the right place, time, with the right bate! 

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