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Two Dreams that started it All

Ali Mahjoub
February 5, 2011

This dream came to me in a time of great pain and despair. it is a long story but I try to be concise. I fall in love with an American girl I met and Saudi Arabia and I came to the US to marry her. And after we lived together for two months, I discovered that she was dating her X-boy friend! This had crushed so severely, I thought I was going to die. So I packed my stuff and went to Motel 6 and cried day and night and died for three days. There was nothing on the first night, but on the second night I had this unforgettable vivid dream. Actually, on the third night I had a second dream, more powerful than the first dream, but I start with the first one, FUNERAL PROCESSION, here is the dream.

I dreamt I was standing at a road juncture near home, watching a funeral procession. The dead man was carried in the traditional way on a stretcher. I was amazed by the huge crowd of people, in the thousands, at this man's funeral and thought he must be a highly important person. Another thing that drew my attention was the fact that it was untraditional; they were burying him late at sunset, and the sky was amber red. As I stood watching the scene, thinking and wondering who that person was, suddenly the dead man came alive and left the stretcher, crossed the crowd, and came directly to me. As he got closer to me I noticed he was my Uncle Taib, my uncle with whom we once shared a home. I was in panic, begging him to stop and to not touch me and telling him, "No, I don't want to die!" We have a saying in my village that if you dreamt of a dead person visiting you, it means that the dead person is coming to take you away. As I stood in panic, screaming "no, no, no" my dead uncle grabbed hold of me.

Then the scene changed, and I was sitting opposite my uncle at a table with some of my younger brothers and sisters. My uncle on the other side of the table was holding my hands and screaming at me, begging me to pay heed and to take something. It was a life-threatening situation. My uncle was saying, "Please, my son, take it, please my son take it!" as if he was trying to prevent something very catastrophic. I asked, "What do you want me to take?" My uncle leaned forward and gave me a strong kiss on my lips. The scene changed, and my uncle seemed to have gone, and I was, clothed in a white navy-like uniform, The jacked was so white and clean as if new, but a bit long, as if it were made for a different person and the pants were in old bell-bottom style. I didn't like it a bit. Another thing that troubled me was that the shoes were black high-heel platform shoes, with stains of black shoe polish all the way up to the knees. While I was complaining about these things, I felt as though someone were taking notes of everything and assuring me that these things would be altered and fixed in proper way. As I stood there whining and complaining, "why me?" my younger brothers and sisters were singing and chanting religious songs. End.

The following is my interpretation of this dream..

This dream is a perfect example of the meaning of dead people's "Returning Resurrection" as explained in the Divine Principle. Returning Resurrection of Spirit Persons Who Believed in God.(Divine Principle Green book page 83) this concept is also confirmed by Hebrews 11:39-41 in the Bible, " And all these (Saints of the Old Testament age), though well attested by their faith, did not receive what was promised (admission to the Kingdom of Heaven), since God had foreseen something better (The Kingdom of Heaven) for us (persons on earth), that apart from us they(spirit persons) should not be made perfect."

In my case this is not the only time God used my Uncle Taib to convey to me something extremely important related to my spiritual rebirth. Here is my interpretation on this dream...

1) the hundreds of thousand of people gathered on my uncle's funeral, are none other than my ancestors.

2) The juncture, the funeral was taking place, it is obvious, it is the unprecedented time and juncture that I stood at the time, my past and future.

3) the Kiss, is the kiss of "new life".

4) The Jacket was a bit longer than my size, was clearly made for a more prepared and purer person.

5) the pants was fashioned in the old bell-bottom. This described my personality at the time, "flirty" kind of person, who thinks he is quite, happy, make jokes, like discos and chase after pretty girls! In other words I am not a serious person!

6) Platform high-heel shoes. This describes how wild I was living my life.

7) stains of shoe polish up to my knees. This tells how far I went with my wild sinful life.

8) My complaints about all these things that were wrong with my paints and shoes, and the feeling that a person there with me taking notes of all complaints are,

(A) God revealed to me all my sins that I need to work on,

(B) the person taking note and assuring me that everything will be altered and fixed, encouraging me to just take the mission.

This means that God had forgive my sins and called me to take my mission in the role of "New Chosen person" to meet the Lord of the Second Advent.

It is really amazing! we are living in the Last Days! The Divine Principle is God's newest and most clear truth, that no religion can come close to! I hope brothers and sisters take courage and be proud of themselves and not be afraid of witnessing and teach God's New Truth and use these examples of these dreams and engage in great discussions on dreams and how the Spiritual world working miracles! Thank you for allowing me to share these amazing dreams. 

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