The Word of the Mahjoub Family

Change of Blood Lineage through Marriage Blessing

Ali Mahjoub
February 2, 2011

The following is a Profound Spiritual Vision I experienced during the Holy Wine Ceremony in my blessing, 1275 couple in Korea.

As the distribution of the Holy Wine began and my wife and I stood in meditative Prayer waiting to receive the holy wine, I was deeply praying, asking God to let the Holy Wine enter into every cell of my blood. flesh, and every cell my soul and spirit, when suddenly I went into trance and I received a deep profound vision. As the Holy Wine celebration began and representative couples stood in line and going up to the stage to receive a tray full of Holy Wine little cups from True Parents and descend the stage, and the distribution began. As these representatives coming down from the stage with their holy wine tray, I saw a vision.

I saw thick blood pouring out of True Parents and dripping down on the stage. The platform was covered with very thick blood almost two inches high, and it started seeping down off the stage towards us as we stood in silent meditative prayer to receive the Holy Wine. As the blood seeped toward us, the blood began to get thinner and faster, and with a sudden rush, I felt we were washed by a huge tidal wave, and the room turned into an ocean of blood! End.

Astonished by what I just had seen, I opened my eyes. I was amazed to find that the couple who are passing the Holy Wine were right next to us! I was still struck by the vision when I received the holy wine with my wife! Amazing!

It is extremely important that emphasize the significance of the blessing for rebirth and resurrection and change of blood lineage! 

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