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The Power of dreams

Ali Mahjoub
January 31, 2011

The following is a dream I had in Los Angelis, California, towards the end of 1983 while I was on IOWC, that came true seven years later in 1990, almost exactly as I saw it in the dream! I called this dream "Moscow Dream" in my book, Honor thy God. Here is the dream.

I dreamt I was standing while watching a rally held at Moscow airport arrival gate. People were waiting at the airport arrival gate for the arrival of a very important figure who was to bring them freedom, prosperity and peace. There were government agents in uniform beating people over their heads and shoulders with big batons. The agents were trying to stop the rally and disperse the people from gathering to meet this important man. The people were strongly pushed forward to the arrival door. There were many television cameras paused at all angles. Newspaper journalists, photographers, and television reporters from all over the world gathered at the door with great anticipation.

Suddenly, True Father walked in through the door. He was their expected man! News reporters, photographers, and TV cameras rushed forward to Father. Television cameras zoomed in on him, and cameras flooded the place with flashlights. An American TV reporter was going wild in joyful disbelief. He was reporting the news, screaming loudly and saying, "My God, he did it. My god, he did it!" of Father's arrival in the Soviet Union.

While this was going on, the people were still pressing forward to see Father. Government agents, in fear of being caught by TV cameras, stopped hitting people on their heads and shoulders while still trying to stop people from coming forward. The people were so compressed together, there was no room for the agents to hit hard, so they finally gave up. Pictures were so real! Cameras recorded close pictures of Father Moon walking in fast with a huge crowd of press and dignitaries.

Following the dramatic entrance, Father Moon and I were alone on the other side of the airport inside the Soviet Union. Suddenly, Father Moon became double! As he was walking in, he kept on switching on and off into a different person and than back into his real physical self again. This other person was shorter, smaller, different in looks, and had a shiny bold head. End of the dream.

It is remarkable how crystal clear this dream was!

The dream was about True Father's visit to Moscow and the sponsoring of world media conference in 1990! By the grace of God, my wife and I were selected among the very few, who were chosen to go to Moscow as staff for the World Media conference! And guess what my job was? God made sure that I witness my dream as it fold in real life! I was assigned to take care of all the Dignitaries. Forty former heads of State and over 3000 people and media from around the world came to this conference! My job was to meet all these forty Heads of States at the airport, and bring them in special limousines to the hotel, and my first VIPS/ Dignitaries were our most precious True Parents and True Children, Kook Jim Nim and Hun Jin Nim!! I told all the story in my book and I included photos that I personally took at the VIP lounge while Father was interviewed by Russian media.

But what amazed me the most, was the scene about Father and how he was transfigured into this other person. After a long prayer and meditation, it dawned on me that the person that Father kept on switching on and off was none other than Dr. Sun Han Lee!!! The man who taught VOC and the Unification thought!! This man resembled totally the man I saw Father was switching on! What the dream meant is, that Father walked into Moscow on the wings of Victory Over Communism!!!!. Before going to Moscow, I actually wrote a letter to President Kim (UTS) and told him my dream! I still have a copy of the letter I sent to him, and I included this letter in my book. 

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