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The Last Days

Ali Mahjoub
January 29, 2011

Are we in the Last Days? Could all these uprisings that are sweeping across the Muslim world are signs of potential disasters waiting to happen?

As we all know, all three Abrahamic religions prophecies carried the same predictions of a final war that would end the world as we know it. Christians particularly, expecting Armageddon and the "Rapture"! There are hidden extremist movements from, the Jewish and Christians faiths who are secretly working together to destroy the Dome of the Rock, Muslim's Holy Mosque, so as Solomon Temple can be built again, as a condition for the Advent (Second Coming) of the Messiah to happen.

There are providential reasons why America is involved in these Arab/Muslim uprising and mass protests that the Arab and Western world, even naive Americans, civil and religious leaders don't know it. There are many misconceptions held nowadays and in the past, going back to to the establishment of Israel as a sovereign, independent State, in 1948, the Shah of Iran in the 70s, Ben Ladin in the 80s and Saddam in Iraq.

The held belief, that America is to blame for supporting these authoritarian repressive regimes, (including the Israeli government) that caused these uprisings and instability in the Arab/Muslim regions. YES! It is TRUE! But… But, think of this. If America hadn't done what had to be done, Fist all, communism wouldn't have been defeated! and second, without clear understanding of God's providence of restoration, Muslim States would have fallen under ruthless/violent Islamist extremist regimes that could be much worst than secular dictatorial government! America had no choice but to work and support the LESSER EVIL! 

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