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Blessing News-FAQ and Answers on 144,000 Clergy Blessing

Lorman Lykes
March 5, 2002
Washington Family Church

Yesterday, event coordinators gathered centering on Rev. Lykes and shared their plans and activities. This week, event coordinators have local meetings with their district members, and Rev. Lykes will join those meetings to explain how to develop the Blessing movement and accomplish 144,000. Rev. Lykes prepared Q & A paper concerning this coming Blessing and practical details. Also, each event coordinator received update forms of adopted churches in each district so that One Family One Church members can review their minister contacts and update current status of each ministers.

After the meeting, Rev. McCarthy gave a Clergy outreach training to members. About 30 members came to study how to talk to ministers and how to explain ACLC properly and effectively. He introduced new approach book explaining ACLC, its vision, purpose and activities. This approach book is still under developed, but will be available soon.

The following is the FAQ and Answer concerning 144,000 Blessing:

1. Who can perform the Blessing ceremony, i.e. can unblessed minister or members do it?

Unfortunately, unblessed ministers or members can't do the Blessing by themselves. But they can perform the ceremony with the help of a blessed couple.

2. Can we multiply Holy Wine? How?

Yes, blessed people should first sanctify wine or grape juice with holy salt and pray, "Father, we are ready to multiply this holy wine." Then, add a drop of seed to the wine or juice to be multiplied. Seal with closing prayer.

3. When will the Holy Wine be available? Where?

Holy Wine is available from Rev. Francis or your event coordinator as well as communion cups. However, pre-sealed cups of Holy Wine will be available in a week from HQ.

4. Are there any special words to be said at the time of Blessing?

No. The ceremony is very simple. The new couple does not need to make any vows or wear any special clothes. The officiator announces the blessing ceremony will begin. They bow to each other. The wife receives the cup and drinks half. She passes it to the husband. He finishes drinking it and passes it back to wife. The wife passes it back to the officiator. They bow again.

5. Can a person with a deceased spouse be included? How?

Not at this time.

6. If a minister was blessed before are they eligible for 144,000?

If a minister was blessed in Blessing 97 at RFK, they are already considered blessed. All others are eligible.

7. Is the Blessing for everybody or just clergy?

Yes and No. We should not refuse the blessing to anyone. However, Clergy Couples and leadership couples from a church of a blessed clergy count toward 144,000.

8. What is the purpose or reason for this Blessing?

1. We are standing for marriage and family through the blessing to declare the importance of fidelity and sanity in our families to save the nation.

2. The Holy Spirit is moving through this ceremony to protect and sanctify marriages.

3. Wine signifies the blood of Jesus. The husband and wife by drinking the holy wine from one cup symbolize the unity and oneness of the family.

9. What is the purpose of the March 16th Holy Convocation?

1. To invite blessed and non-blessed clergy to learn about how the Blessing is connected to Jesus.

2. To make our key contacts inspirited to do the blessing in their churches through the educational preaching of other inspirited clergy.

3. To build momentum for the blessing of 144,000 clergy nation wide by building a blessing movement.

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