The Words of the Lykes Family

Our Beloved Sister Laura Lykes Has Made The Transition To The Spirit World

Michael Jenkins
April 28, 2005

Dear Family,

Our beloved sister Laura Lykes has passed into the spirit world this morning at 7:30 am.

We ask your sincere prayers for Lorman and their children. The Lykes have been an amazing example of creating a most beautiful and faithful interracial family and have paved the way for reconciliation and love between all races.

They have been steadfast and faithful in this time of trial and Laura continuously encouraged others not to worry about her but to pray for America and the world.

She is a truly great American.

Please send donations to

Lorman Lykes
C/0 Rev. Eric Holt
4 W. 43rd St.
NY, NY 10036

Make the checks payable to Lorman Lykes.

With prayer and love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins
National Pastor
Family Church of America

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