The Words of the Lykes Family

Adelle Lykes and Hyun Uk Kim - Married June 21, 2005

Prince Georgeís Country Administration Building
Washington City Paper - July 8 - 14, 2005

Laura Lykes, Adelleís mother, was initially worried that her daughter wasnít ready for marriage: "Eighteen -- thatís kind of young. And when the call came, we asked her to pray about [whether she was ready to get married], and she came back two days later and said she was. Itís such a personal thing, we couldnít tell her to do it."

"She was nervous. But itís something sheíd looked forward to. Itís something my husband and I had gone through. My husband and I are very happy, so she had an expectation that it would be a good thing. I joined the church in í75. My husband joined in í73. Actually, the same person arranged our marriage as arranged her marriage -- Reverend Moon."

The civil ceremony was fun but not ultimately such a big deal, Laura Lykes says, because Adelle and Hyun Uk had been married in the eyes of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity since December, when separate but concurrent marriage ceremonies in New York and South Korea united them. Each had received a photo of the other a few days earlier. "They had actually not met before he came in May," Laura Lykes says, "but they were committed to each other."

They squeezed in the civil ceremony on the same day they left for Korea, where Hyun Uk will fulfill his military-service obligation and Adelle will study Korean culture and language at Sun Moon University as a prelude to attending Princeton next year. "Iím going to go to school for the first half of the year," Adelle says, "and Iím going to stay with his family." Although sheís learned some Korean already, "Itís kind of nerve-wracking. But as long as heís there."

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