The Words of the Lykes Family

Blessing of Marriage and Rededication Ceremony

Lorman Lykes
September 1, 2002

American Clergy Leadership Conference
1610 Columbia Rd. NW Washington, DC 20009
Ph. 202-462-4179 /Fax 202-232-3979
September 1, 2002

Dear Friend,

God Bless you in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are so amazed at the abundant blessings that He has bestowed upon the Body of Christ as we join hands in the spirit "to be one, as God and Christ are one."

The Holy Spirit is moving upon the institution of marriage and family in an unprecedented way through the providence of the Blessing of Marriages and Rededication. We are witnessing that when men and women commit to marriage as an extension of their commitment to Christ, a new power is manifested to uplift the family and the church.

When the Body of Christ can work together on this foundation, it sows the seeds of a new Christ-centered revival. Churches are growing! Families are coming back together! All Glory to Jesus Christ for this great work of the Spirit.

For all of you who were unable to attend the Blessing of Marriage and Rededication Ceremony at the Sheraton National Hotel held on April 27th and July 3rd, we have some wonderful news!

We are happy to announce that our 3rd Blessing of Marriage and Rededication Ceremony is going to be held on Saturday, September 14th. This time our location will be in New York City at the Manhattan Center. Our theme, this time, will also reflect the commemoration of the tragic events of 9/11.

After the special Blessing Ceremony, we will journey to "Ground Zero" and offer a special prayer in memory of the heroic souls who were sacrificed there and at the Pentagon. If you are already preparing a 9/11 related sermon for Sunday the fifteenth, what greater way to prepare than to stand with other Washington-area clergy in prayer at the location of our shared national tragedy?

Buses will be leaving the DC area promptly at 7:00 am. We will return Saturday night at approximately 10:30 pm. The ticket price is $50.00 per couple or $25.00 per single. Lunch is included in the ticket price.

Seating is limited, so please confirm by September 9th. Fax enclosed form to: 202 232 3979

Sincerely In Christ,
Rev. C. Phillip Johnson
Regional Co-Chairman, ACLC

Rev. Lorman Lykes
Vice-Regional Director, FFWPU

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