The Words of the Lykes Family

Service for Peace Activities

Lorman Lykes
July 12, 2002

Dear brothers and sisters,

The excitement of the Service for Peace is truly increasing as we get closer to the day July 26. To make sure that as many people as possible know about this event we'd like to make an effort to visit all the churches that have been met by our members. Therefore, we're asking every member to visit his or her church this Sunday and provide to them information on the Service for Peace Rally.

This Sunday in the MD, VA and DC Services we will have Service for Peace materials there for to pick up before church. This includes flyers and videotapes and admission vouchers.

In addition, we'd like to give an opportunity to the Service for Peace Youth to go with you to visit a church. Service for Peace Youth will be at the local Church Services to meet up with you for visiting.

Secondly, Saturday July 13 there will be a motorcade beginning at 1:00pm until 3:00pm leaving from Columbia Rd. Church. This will be fun as we drive around the city promoting Service for Peace. Everyone is welcome. Also, before the motorcade at 10:30am at UFC building, located at 3224 16th Street there will be the Youth Minister's Summit (see attachment). Please invite the ministers and the youth leaders that you know.

Finally, because of the overwhelming response by the young people we regret that we cannot accept anymore youth volunteers. But we truly need more adult volunteers to help. Please call the Church if you can help. The number is (202) 462-5700. Thank you very much for your support. God bless you!

Rev. Lorman Lykes

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