The Words of the Lykes Family

Concerning the Recent Changes On September 22, MSG Event

Lorman Lykes
September 16, 2001

Dear Family Members,

Please read the following information for understanding the changes for the September 22 event.

Rev. Lykes
Answer to Common Questions

1. Why did True Father postpone the MSG event indefinitely?

Answer: Because of the tragedy in NY it was impossible to have a mass gathering safely and legally. The event is not cancelled but will take place in the future.

At this time, a memorial event near the tragic spot is planned on September 22 in NYC. (Details to be announced)

DC area ministers are encouraged to still attend this event.

Buses for ministers will leave Friday 9/21, 3:00 PM Return to DC: Saturday approx. 8:00 PM

Location of Departure: New Hope Academy New Yorker Hotel rooms will be provided for Ministers

Cost: $25 round trip to be collected on Bus

Deadline for Bus reservation: Tuesday, September 18th

Members are welcome to come to the event. Buses for members will leave Saturday 9/22, 5:00 AM Location of Departure: New Hope Academy

Cost $25 round trip to be collected on Bus unless you already donated

Name will be confirmed call your Event Coordinators

Deadline for Bus reservation: Tuesday, September 18th

2. Should 2075 couples come to NY for anniversary?

Answer: The 2075 anniversary was cancelled.

At this time however, a 25th Anniversary Dinner to commemorate the Washington Monument Rally is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18th. Everyone is welcome. Leaders are encouraged to attend for discussion.

Place: Washington Family Church, Columbia Rd.

Time: Tuesday 9/18, 6 PM

3. Shell we continue the prayer and fast condition?

Answer: The Prayer Condition was for the Blessing. It has now been completed.

4. Should we pay the $500 donation?

Answer: Father decided to donate 2 million dollars to the families of the fire fighters killed, and for a children's scholarship fund. Father asked for one million of the two million to be raised by American Blessed Couples. Therefore we encourage you to continue to donate your $500 and Regional HQ will send it to NY. We will give you a clear report through the financial committee.

P.S.: Please contact your Event Coordinator to make reservations for your self and ministers.

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