The Words of the Lorenzana Family

20,000 Youth Rally for Global Peace

Joshua Lorenzana
September 3, 2006
Manila, Philippines

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon inspired the audience through his conviction in the dream of one world family under God which we can achieve through "true love power".

A day of hope for a world of peace was realized as 20,000 young people from various schools and youth organizations joined to celebrate and commit to accomplish the vision of one world of peace at the Araneta Coliseum last 12 August 2006.

The highlight of the gathering was the captivating speech by our dynamic President and Elder Brother, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon. The only force that can bind the differences among the peoples in this world, he said, is through "true love power." The most surprising part of his message is his challenge for everyone in the audience to work together to accomplish a gathering of 2 million people in 2008 in Manila for a rally that can create a "heavenly tsunami" that will revive the Philippines and spread throughout the world. This show of strength and unity of youth never before seen in the nation's, if not the world's history, will create a strong movement for the vision of peace to be realized.

The tireless Philippine Speaker of the House of Representatives, Jose de Venecia, also spoke in the event citing the importance of true love in eliminating the innumerable conflicts being fought now around the world. Amazed at how the Unification Movement can come up with this huge gathering of youth, he believed that with this number, the youth can create a revolution of heart needed to change the world. He cited the Philippine government's proposal to the UN to erase the debt of the poor nations as a step towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals.

The event included a pledge of commitment from the youth to join hands in fulfilling the UN Millennium Development Goals, which includes halving poverty, disease, illiteracy, and other important issues. These developmental goals, when fulfilled, will be the structural groundwork for the vision of peace, one global family under God, to be realized.

Hundreds of government and non-government officials from the youth also graced the occasion. The rest of the audience came mainly from high school and university students, teacher delegates attending the International Professors and Educators Conference and international youth leaders and delegates participating in the International Youth Day Conference. Performances by Jay-R and Rivermaya, popular local R & B artist and rock band respectively, roused the audience to their feet filling the coliseum with a roar of youth power. A testimony from a youth volunteer and a speech of support from Manila City government were also included in the program

The rally concluded the three-day conference of the International Youth Day, which included talks on achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals and a service project in Baseco, Tondo with Service for Peace and Gawad Kalinga.

The rally, sponsored by World CARP, was jointly organized by Youth Federation for World Peace and United Nations Association of the Philippines.

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