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Day 2 World CARP IEC 2005

Joshua Lorenzana
July 29, 2005

The second day of International Education Conference

After receiving so much challenge and inspiration from Hyun Jin Nim, participants from all over the world gear up to share their best practices through the breakout and poster sessions held today at the Main Building of the Sun Moon University in Cheonan Campus.

The first three sessions given simultaneously were about Core Values Practice in Fundraising, Witnessing and CARP Center Life given by Mr. Takayuki Matsunami (President of World CARP Japan), Second Generation Education for CARP by Mr. Joshua Cotter (President, W-CARP USA) and Kazushi Mito (VP for Witnessing and Outreach, W-CARP), and Policies and Standards of PR and Marketing given by Mr. Sam Nagasaka (VP for PR & Marketing), Hwa Sul kim (PR Team Leader, W-CARP Korea) and Yeon-Hee Yeom (Chief of IT, W-CARP).

The first presentation basing on W-CARP Japanís method explained on how to implement the Core values and Divine Principle into fundraising, witnessing and center life. This session prepared the leaders to solve questions in the spiritual aspect of these three programs seen through the lens of Core Values.

The second presentation focused on the ongoing process of raising a core team of leaders through summits and mentoring in the field. The participants saw great hope for the W-CARP in the US through this core group who stand in alignment with God, True Parents and True Family. They also commended the concerted effort of the leaders in other organizations of the movement in their support for this critical process of education.

Building up on last yearís PR and Marketing presentation, this third session aimed to set out policies and standards in PR and marketing such as corporate image and publication. Participants were briefed on the proper way to use our logo and were given templates and pamphlets as model in order to create consistency among chapters while still attending to feel of the market or applying the perspectives of oneís country.

The second three sessions were entitled Doing the Right Thing: Engaging the Youth to Explore Social Responsibility given by Dr Tom Phillips (CEO, Service for Peace), Outreach and Alternative Revenue by Hun-Il Ra (Outreach Team Leader, W-CARP Korea) and Han-Suk Kwon (Alumni Association Manager, W-CARP Korea) and Overhaul Witnessing through Cultural Transformation in Ramkamhaeng 1 Center given by Mr Kamol Thananopavarn (VP for Witnessing & Operation, W-CARP Thailand).

The first session engaged the participants in exploring a social and moral development theory justifying the need for the youth to be involved in community service. Dr Phillips called on the help of recent research on the positive effects of service learning programs. He also laid out guidelines for promoting social responsibility in community service. Participants were asked to reflect on their one-month action steps which they wrote on a letter to be mailed to them after a month.

The second session was about the DMZ Service Project and the Supporterís Association of W-CARP Korea. The first project accomplished core member training and outreach at the same time. After a year of development, this became fully self-sustainable, registered under the Department of Unification, and held 3000 members in four local chapters. The second project brought in regular donations from parents, alumni, and friends of CARP members.

The third session presented how this center in Thailand has been transforming its culture through Hyun Jin Nimís guidance. This transformation became the successful component in training new members, leadership development and source of inspiration for witnessing. Fundraising, which is their focus, works first on a clear purpose and motivation, second on transformation experience and third on internal victory and embodiment of Core Values.

The last three sessions were on the Integrated Process of Witnessing and Raising New Members in Cultural and Strategic Alignment given by Sang-Gi Kwon (Kyushu Bloc Leader, W-CARP Japan) and Masayoshi Kajikuri (Vice President, W-CARP Japan), Developing Localized ILTP by Mr. Edmon Pacson (VP for Education and Witnessing and Outreach, W-CARP Philippines) and finally Effective Financial Planning and Budgeting by Mr. Yun-Jin Kim (Financial Manager (CFO), W-CARP).

The first session consisted of two parts. The first presented W-CARP Japanís integrated process of witnessing and raising new members in cultural and strategic alignment based on case of Kyushu bloc. The second is about the integrated process of raising leaders after 21-day workshop also in alignment and consists of raising core members, sub-leaders and leaders. Many were impressed by the rigor and intensity of this kind of training.

Developing ILTP shares the case in the Philippines wherein ILTP graduates applied their learning experience from ILTP in USA to the centers in the countryís capital. Focusing on fundraising, it showed how training in this area can raise up great leaders. Many of the participants were also motivated to apply this or improve their existing program in their chapters.

The session on Effective Financial Planning and Budgeting also motivated the chapters to step-up their economic foresight and acumen as they learned techniques and insight on the importance of this aspect in an organization.

For the rest of the afternoon, the chapters prepared exhibited through posters, diagrams, video presentations and publications, their programs, structure, and relevant information which other chapters may adapt in their own chapters. The atmosphere was one of hopefulness and camaraderie as they feel a sense of synergy in our common mission of fulfilling Godís Ideal.

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