The Words of the Lindstrom Family

Prayer Breakfast Report

Joel Lindstrom
June 13, 2007
ACLC District #6, Northeast Ohio

Councilman Ben Coats of Ward 10

This months’ prayer breakfast was held at Five Pointe Community Center in the Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland’s east side on June 9th. About 40 people gathered. The host pastor this month was Dr. Patrick J. Reynolds; his wife, Rev. Bonnie Reynolds, served as the Mistress of Ceremonies. Dr. Reynolds is a chaplain for Cleveland City Council and they both work hard for the city of Cleveland and for their own service to the Lord, "Out of Egypt and Saved by the Blood Ministries". During the delicious breakfast prepared by Mrs. Mary Fayne and her helpers at the community center, musical offerings were presented by 2nd gens, Noah Biddle and Seikai Lindstrom, raising us up "On Higher Ground," and everyone joined in singing "We Are One" composed by our own District 6 Co-Convener Dr Thelma Johnson.

Testimonies were shared, and musical offerings by Min. Valerie Lumbus opened everyone’s heart. Dr. Thelma D. Johnson, our beloved District 6 ACLC co-convener, gave welcoming words and touched on the importance of true family values. The keynote speaker, Dr. Reynolds, shared scripture (Matthew 5:9) on the theme of peace and urged everyone to become a peacemaker.

This prayer breakfast was clearly marking a new stage for Cleveland’s outreach efforts. Through the host pastor, the key ACLC ministers and even from the attendance that included one current and one former city councilmen, we recognized the importance of our movement for the city of Cleveland. Dr. Reynolds told everyone that this is only the beginning; great things are truly happening.

Our wonderful cook, Mrs. Fayne, saw a picture of one of her relatives in a book about our movement. She was quite amazed. Truly the spiritual world is really guiding people to be with our family now. Although many of the guests were new to our organization, it is amazing that we could be sitting around the same table, eating and sharing the same heavenly messages, laughing together, praying together.

Let us remind ourselves confidently with each prayer breakfast that we are certainly creating one incredible world family under God. Aju! Thank you very much for Dr. Johnson, Rev. Lindstrom, Brother Chris Bihary, the faithful second generation, and everyone else for your support with your attendance and prayer.

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