The Words of the Lindstrom Family

ACLC Prayer Luncheon

Joel Lindstrom
May 25, 2006
Cleveland, OH

Greetings All.

This is a report of the May 20 Prayer Breakfast at the Living Way Christian Church in the heart of Cleveland's east side. At the start of the meeting only the Biddle's and Lindstrom's were there, along with the host Minister, Rev. Rosie Marbury and her cooking crew/office staff Cheryl Reed and James Thomas. But that was enough to get started because we had all of the angels and spirit world to join in. Rev. Marbury said, "It's a good thing we can't see 'em cuz we'd be tripping all over 'em." Everyone had lots of the wonderful breakfast.

The program started with songs on the flute played by Kyoko Biddle and we sang along with her playing "Edelweiss". Other 2nd gens performed a Holy Song supported by guitarist Noah Biddle and Seikai Lindstrom. It truly is amazing the talent that is in our 2nd gens.

Megumi Lindstrom gave a testimony of her trip to Chung Pyung, Korea and Japan. Then Rev. Marbury shared how the spirit of God is present in the building as it was the home to nuns that were assigned to the St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church and parish. A lot of praying went on in this facility and it will continue under the loving efforts of Rev Marbury to love her fellow man and community. She told us about how the American Red Cross is going to use this facility to house a team of workers straight from helping down in Hurricane Katrina's devastation. Their next project is to come to Cleveland to install working smoke detectors in the homes surrounding the church rather than having the detectors end up unused in a drawer as they often do. (Statistics show that this lowers death rates from fires by 50%). It is a busy building as children's classes regularly come in to pray and play music in the beautiful chapel. She has kindly offered us an open invitation to make use of her facility for our functions.

Rev. Biddle opened with his favorite way to open and that is reading the "World Scriptures". God is our Father! Then he showed the DVD of "Man Of Peace" and proceeded to give a presentation of the new PowerPoint series we are beginning to teach about True Family Values. It was good to see him putting our new projector to good use.

As it turned out, our good friend Rev. Dorothy Burton showed up just after we started. A bit later so did two more guests who happened to stop by to see Rev. Marbury. One of them, Rev. Mabel Reed, was a pastor that went to Korea with ICC back in the late 80's. She is a missionary to Haiti (not sure which church is sponsoring her) She also brought with her, Evangelist Jasmine Guy who is doing a lot of work to assist women in ministry and is friends with Rev Burton. (Who isn't friends with Rev. Burton? She really gets around.)

After Rev Burton closed with a beautiful prayer, we kept on sharing and learning a few things about our new guests that I just briefly mentioned. Rev. Reid told about her wonderful and unforgettable experiences of the trip to Seoul, Korea. She still remembers the wonderful tour guide, Rev. Levy Daugherty. She was surprised when she heard that Rev. Daugherty was the guest speaker of our prayer breakfast last month! Sister Guy explained about her ministry to help further the development of women in ministry. I introduced her to WFWP, and she wants to learn more about that. Dorothy, who knows her well, said she should be involved with ACLC and Ambassadors for Peace as well. "All of 'em!!!"

Once again there was that good feeling of God's presence and all of the spirit world guests as we packed up and nobody really wanted to say good-bye.

Joel Lindstrom

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