The Words of the Lewis Family

A song for the Marriage Banquet of Hyun Jin Moon and Jun Sook Kwak from received from Heung Jin Moon

Georgia Lewis
March 31, 1987

Good evening, beloved True Parents. On this glorious event, I could not possibly stand alone, nor could I ever be worthy of honoring your holy son and daughter, Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim, with any gift worthy enough.

Gold and silver I do not have to bring, but with all humility and the heart that you have given to us, it is my joy to sing a song which was composed originally for Heung Jin Nim but which he has asked to be dedicated to his brother and bride on this most holy day. If he could have been physically with us, I know that there would be so many things he would want to express to his dear brother and sister on this day of their holy matrimony.

I would, therefore, like to dedicate this love song, "This Moment with You," to the newlyweds, from Heung Jin Nim united with his bride Hoon Sook Nim.

This Moment with You

Am I dreaming?
Is this really happening to me? I am overjoyed,
wondering what did I do
to deserve someone like you.
This love took me by surprise. I don't know what to say
but I'll prove my love day by day.

When I look into your eyes
overwhelmed by the love I see
I get lost in eternity.
'What could be more
than to find someone that's true.
I am so glad to be with you.

One thing is sure
on my word you can depend
I'll be true to you to the end.
And in times of sorrow and fear
my love will always be there.
Touch me and make me believe
this moment with you is more than a dream.
Hold my hand and make it rear

And I always want you to know
You're the one that I adore.
All my life I waited for you
wondering when you would appear,
holding on to all of my love
to share this moment with you.

Georgia Lewis's testimony about her experiences with Heung Jin Nim in preparation for this performance

In an interview with Angelika Selle, Georgia Lewis describes how she received from Heung Jin Nim the words to the song "This Moment With You," which she sang at the Holy Wedding.

At the time of the engagement of Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Kwak, Heung Jin Nim came to me and told me to start working immediately on a song to be dedicated to the new couple. The piece he indicated was a melody I had written many years ago. I had dedicated it to Heung Jin Nim at the time of his Seunghwa, but it had no words. Heung Jin Nim said, "The reason you haven't received any words for it is because the song is really meant for my brother Hyun Jin Nim and his bride. I want to dedicate this song for them" He also told me that I would be asked to sing at their wedding.

Meanwhile, I got pregnant, but the pregnancy unfortunately ended in a miscarriage. While I was having the miscarriage, Heung Jin Nim said to me, "Whatever you do, don't lie down in bed feeling sorry for yourself. Go to the prayer room and take your tape recorder and your blanket." Even though it was difficult, I followed his instructions. I sat in the prayer room for about nine hours, crying and praying, and Heung Jin Nim revealed all the words of the song to me -- a love song -- "This Moment With You."

Heung Jin Nim instructed me to offer this song to David Eaton at the Performing Arts Department. Both he and Kevin Pickard loved it. I just left it with them for whomever would be asked to sing it. About two days later, Kevin told me that Rev. Kwak and Dr. Pak were expecting me to perform it. Immediately I received from Heung Jin Nim that I should fast for four days in preparation.

In the middle of all this came the matching. One sister from my prayer trinity, Albertina, was eligible for the matching. I knew that Heung jin Nim wanted to teach me loyalty and attendance through my trinity, so even though I wanted to prepare for the wedding, I waited for her all day and stayed up until late at night, when Father stopped matching. I was up early the next morning to see her into the matching room again,, I waited there the whole time until she was matched.

A Course Of Indemnity

Then I received from Heung Jin Nim that I had to sing the song through 40 times to separate it from Satan.

I was having difficulty singing the song, so I made myself sing it 40 times. By paying that indemnity, I received that the song was in the wrong key. I received: "Put it in the key of E flat" When I did, the song came out just right.

Then suddenly my wisdom tooth flared up, and my doctor said I had to have it removed. I said, "You can't take this tooth out. I'm performing, and my whole face will be swollen!" So he gave me penicillin to stop the pain, but I had a violent allergic reaction to it for about two or three days.

My aunt came to sew my dresses for the performance, and she had to pay a tremendous amount of indemnity to do this. The dresses weren't even finished until the last second before I was to perform.

Two nights before the wedding, Heung Jin Nim said to me, "You cannot go to bed. You must go to the Grand Ballroom because I have a message for your' So I knelt in front of the stage, not having slept for two or three days, and said, "Heung Jin Nim, what is it you want to say when I perform the song?" He revealed his message to me and said that I should present it to True Parents in Korean before I sing the song.

I read it to Albertina, who was deeply moved by the message, and she showed it to an elder Korean sister. The sister translated it into Korean, but she couldn't go over the pronunciation with me because I was in rehearsal. That night, the final night before the wedding, I looked at the Korean words and said, "How am I ever going to be able to read this?" Albertina said, "You've got to do it. Go to Gilbert Starr [a brother who knows Korean]" So at six o'clock in the morning I knocked on Gilbert's door. He very graciously woke up and took the Korean text and broke it down for me so I could pronounce it. 

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