The Words of the Lester Family

Great Mother Dae Mo Nim

Teri Lester
May 13, 1999

Dae Mo Nim is the honorific term used for Mrs. Moon's mother, Mrs. Hong, who passed away several years ago. Dae Mo Nim means Mother-Great or Great Mother. I don't know if this is like Grandmother or if she was great because she was Mrs. Moon's mother.

A few years ago, a medium named Mrs. Kim allegedly began channeling for Mrs. Hong. Mrs. Hong, who never let out so much as a peep while she was alive, apparently became quite talkative upon passing to the great beyond. Mrs. Kim has been holding workshops for ancestor liberation, claiming that each of us has millions of ant-egg-sized evil spirits clinging to us, and that to expel them we must clap repeatedly, bow repeatedly, and slap ourselves and others to get rid of them. Recently money has been added into the clap-bow-slap process.

Most of these workshops were taking place at a workshop center in Chung Pyung Lake, Korea, but lately Mrs. Kim has taken her show on the road and has done performances in Europe and America as well.

It would be amusing if it were not for the fact that several people have died and many more have become seriously ill, and that children have been mistreated, either by being taken to the workshop or abandoned so their parents could attend.

Of course this woman immediately got on my bad side by claiming that children's defects are due to their parent's misdeeds.

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