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Clophas (Black Heung Jin Nim)

Graham Lester

I'm sending you the posts I was referring to. I don't mind if you repost them, but you may not want to! The point of my timeline was to demonstrate that Father and the UC continued to support Clophas' ministry even after the extent of the violence became known.

An important point that is missing from my notes is that, after Dr. Pak's beating, In Jin Nim and Jin Sung Nim tried to persuade Father to withdraw his support for Clophas. This point came up in discussion on GVI a couple of years ago. Jin Sung Nim had criticized the members for supporting Clophas and I stated that Jin Sung Nim and In Jin Nim had been as supportive of Clophas as everybody else. Andrew Bacus claimed that this was not the case and that they had actually tried to warn Father about Clophas. Later, I was told the same thing by an elder American member who had heard it directly from Jin Sung Nim himself.

I don't think that the UC finally withdrew its support for Clophas until over a year after the beating of Dr. Pak and the beating of the members in Japan.

Clophas: A Time for Reconsideration

Sept 6, 1987: Rev. Kwak announced the embodiment of Heung Jin Nim at Belvedere

Nov 29, 1987: Rev. Sudo spoke at Belvedere:

Hyo Jin Nim introduced him as "my brother" with tears.
In the Children's Day ceremony on the first floor, the special ceremony, Heung Jin Nim was there. During the ceremony, Father gives everyone rice cake starting with Mother and including Heung Jin Nim. Father accepted him completely as his own son. Mother too. If you believe Father, who can doubt?

January, 1988, Rev. Kamiyama's testimony in Philadelphia (extracts):

More than 7,000 people have been "cleaned up" in Japan by the African hurricane. One 777 couple had set himself up as the new messiah, rematching blessed couples, etc. I felt like killing him. He met Heung Jin Nim and was forgiven by Heung Jin Nim, who beat both him and his wife twice to the point of unconsciousness. Then their heads were shaved. His fifty followers were also brought to Heung Jin Nim. Heung Jin Nim said that Satan has now lost his foundation in Japan, so Japan will make great advancement.
Heung Jin Nim was very angry about oral sex. It is physical; it is not love. One sister said that Father taught that, and he was even angrier. She was handcuffed and beaten.
Hyo Jin Nim testified to Heung Jin Nim, "this is my brother." He was angry that he had been misinformed about Heung Jin Nim.
Heung Jin Nim asked me what Father had said. I told him that all I remembered was that Father said I would be hit, and he laughed. Peter Kim confessed about misuse of funds. "How much?" I felt it was not so much. Heung Jin Nim grabbed him by the hair. He was very upset that he could not remember how much. I felt negative. Heung Jin Nim hit him with a rope.
Heung Jin Nim was looking for me: "If necessary, handcuff him and bring him down."
Some people are happy and excited about forgiveness but the goal is to make unity by surrendering. Heung Jin Nim returned to fulfill this, standing with Hyo Jin Nim as the true absolute Abel. To do this, the unity of the True Children is the most important point. This is done. Hyo Jin Nim testified to Heung Jin Nim, despite being misinformed.
Through confession ceremony, we could be forgiven. We should not have questioned that declaration. It was like saying, "Are you the one who is to come?" We should have just united. Father knew what Heung Jin Nim was doing.
Father told Mr. Kuboki to be absolutely sure that Japan unites with Heung Jin Nim.

I heard all these things personally, and on every single occasion hundreds of other members were also present. I've got more in my other notebooks, but it's late and I need sleep, although I wonder if any of the rest of you remember In Jin Nim's speech at Belvedere in 1988, when she spoke about the Heung Jin Nim resurrection phenomenon. If she was skeptical, I didn't notice.

Graham Lester

Clophas: Timeline

This thread has probably gone on long enough already, but just for the record here's a revised timeline on the Clophas affair. I'm sure some of you can fill in missing details from your own notes.

July ?, 1987

Clophas announces that he is Heung Jin Nim to local leader in Zimbabwe

Sept. 6, 1987

Rev. Kwak announces "embodiment" of Heung Jin Nim "24 hours a day" in an African brother. Speech titled "The Accomplishment of True Parents," given at Belvedere

Nov. 21, 1987

Clophas appears with True Parents at Children's Day. After his speech, "Children's Day and the Unification of the Fatherland," Father announces that, "In the last four days a strong tightly knit organization was formed by Heung Jin Nim."

Nov. 2?, 1987

Dr. Pak critically injured by Clophas

Nov. 29, 1987

Rev. Sudo announces at Belvedere that Father has accepted Clophas/HJN "completely as his own son." Calls the Heung Jin Nim phenomenon a "miracle of miracles." Warns us not to try to test Clophas.

Jan. 2, 1988

Dr. Pak has open-brain surgery. (Source: speech given by Jin Sung Nim at Belvedere on May 15 1988)

Jan. ?, 1988

Rev. Kamiyama's speaking tour testifying to Clophas

Feb. ?, 1988

National HQ sends out February 1988 "Unification Video News" in which Dr. Durst testifies to Clophas

"Those who continually rewrite history can learn nothing from it" "Gospel of Alec the Smart"

Graham Lester

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